Question about Devastation and shield

Hi. I am new to this awesome game. I am trying to follow this build:

The problem is Devastation requires off-hand, so how does the shield in the build even works?

Are there some specific shields that can be considered “off-hand” ? If yes, how do I know? There is no text specific that the shield can be used with Devastation.

Thanks for your help.

that shield wont work. only one shield allows you to use devastation and thats the Spellscourge.

If you are following a build that uses that shield and devastation he probably uses a weapon swap to cast it

Without the link to the actual thread you got the build from it’s difficult to say, but I suspect there may be a second set of weapon/off hand as well which would allow devastation to be cast when you swop over to them. No shields work with devastation.

Edit: Ah maybe Spellscourge then.

Thanks for the help. Here is the link to the build first comment.

I dont think the poster mentioned about the weapon swap. I guess I will respec devastation or not using shield and respec some devotion.

Well, does say it’s only theorycrafted so if they tested it in action they’d soon find that devastation wouldn’t work using a shield.

You’ll find plenty of proven Spellbinder builds here: