Question about devotion path order in endgame builds

Most beginner guides lay out an optimal order for taking devotion constellations, but endgame builds often only provide a final grimtools link.

A player who has a little experience with the game could reverse-engineer the skill leveling path of an endgame build by either following a rough outline based on the grimtools link or by leveling with a suitable method from one of the masteries and switching over to the final skill setup at an appropriate time. But what about the devotions?

Is there a good way–other than time spent playing multiple builds with various devotion constellations and time spent plotting out a devotion path in grimtools–to gain an understanding what an optimal devotion path would be just from seeing the final devotion map? Are there any good resources for getting a feel for devotion pathing?

I suggest to lay a path in Grim tools before trying it in game. This way you’re not losing your resources and you can also check if you have enough affinity points to take all necessary devotions or you’ve made mistake. Also devotions can sustain themselves but some time you have to take placeholder constellation just for affinity points and after you no longer need it, just remove it.

About beginners vs end game builds. End game relies on special gear in order to function. So these topics are made with presumption, that players following them are experienced enough to know exactly how to take all necessary devotions without extra help.

You need to understand mechanics, then you’ll know what devotions to grab first, or experience / reading others’ builds. Pathing also depends on preference / content / how quickly you gain devotion points. Maybe read some beginner / levelling guides to get a feel for it Beginner build guides Compendium (for AoM + FG expansions)

Paths to the same endgame map may differ by how much you need to respec in general vs how optimal they are at earlier stages with fewer points spent.

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