Question about dmg conversion on buffs

i noticed some MIs with modifies such as “100% Piercing Damage converted to Fire Damage to Menhir’s Bulwark”, “45% Piercing Damage converted to Acid Damage to Blood of Dreeg” and “100% Chaos Damage converted to Fire Damage to Ascension”, does that mean that if i have an item which gives piercing damage to menhir’s bulwark/blood of dreeg it will now deal fire/acid damage, or does it mean i get that amount of global conversion while the buff is active?

(the sword that gives conversion to menhir’s bulwark also has a +100% bonus fire damage, so i have the same question regarding it)

if you have those buffs active, you will get those conversions as a global conversion (like if you had them on a piece of gear)

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