Question about DOTs

What if I perform Devouring swarm on an enemy twice, do the DOTs stack or does it just reset?

just resets the duration

Its different sources, not different cast.

For example, Bleed from Falcon Strike, Devouring Swarm, and Rend would all stack up together.

Devouring Swarm puts a debuff on enemy, that reapplies all listed effects to an enemy every 1 second. If you reapply debuff, just duration is prolonged. If debuff reapplies DoT, again, just duration is prolonged.
It’s a general game rule - DoTs and other effects from same source dont stack. Same skill IS considered a “same source”, of course.

Thanks, Everyone :slight_smile:

Another important point to keep in mind is that ‘weapon damage’ is counted as only one source, even is many different attacks all with a weapon damage component. Say you are stacking bleed damage and use Whirling Death (flat bleed X and 50% weapon damage, both hands) Execution (no flat bleed, 250% weapon damage, both hands) and Blade Arc (flat bleed Y, 100% weapon damage, main hand) with amounts of 10 bleed/sec mainhand and 20 bleed/sec offhand.

Your total bleeding/sec after applying these all in rapid succession would be X + Y + (250% X 20/sec - from the offhand execute) All the other weapon damage hits would be tossed away (as far as bleeding damage is concerned) but the flat bleeding on whirling death and blade arc would still get counted as being from separate sources.

This seems to go against how I thought this all worked… Are you saying your % weapon damage affects your bleed damage? I thought those were different things… In you example I thought it would work like this, using 100 for weapon damage and the numbers below for WD and BA for simple math…

Whirling Death: 250 bleed for 5 seconds + 50 damage (for each hit)
Execution: No bleed, 250 damage
Blade arc: 400 bleed for 4 seconds +100 damage.

You will get 50+100=150/sec (X/Y + A/B) every second until one expires and 400 damage one time from each skill. Reapplying a bleed resets the timer (does not increase damage) and would apply the weapon damage again.

I’m a just misunderstanding what you’re saying? Sounds like you’re saying the weapons damage adds to the amount of bleeding damage… If this is true, can you put some actual numbers behind it to show an example of how that would work?

% Weapon Damage modifies all flat damage values, including DoTs.

The % weapon damage is from the weapon itself. So although the ability applies a bleed, if the skill also says “% Main hand” (which i’m assuming is the % weapon damage) it also adds damage that your weapon does. So if my weapon applies 100 bleed over 5 seconds and blade arc does say 150% main hand damage and a flat 100 bleed/4 seconds the result from just that one ability will be 100/4+(100/5*1.5)=55/sec. If I do another ability that does a flat 200 bleed for 5 seconds and 120% weapon damage, I’m only added the 200 for 5 seconds as the 120% weapon damage is less then from the bleed from blade arc.

I get it now… I wasn’t thinking that the bleed from the one ability was actually coming from two sources. But it makes sense now. Sorry I’m slow…:rolleyes: