Question about farming BoC on Elite

I am level 80 druid, trying to farm some decent gear for Ultimate (lacking defensive stats for it) and I have couple of questions:

  • Till what character level stuff like Blood of Chton keeps dropping from heroes? Till what level will I be getting legendaries?
  • Is it possible to farm any item there with my character or are there items that can only drop on Ultimate? I am in desperate need of Ultos items (obviously), but I am not sure they can drop there (dropped ShaZul’s Worldeater in like ~5 runs tho, level 75 legendary weapon, but don’t know if it’s just boss specific drop)

You can go to ultimate already. If you find its too hard, just play no password in multiplayer.

  • If your lv isn’t too high from the monsters. It’s fine to getting all drop. Legendary start to drop at above lv 50.
  • It is possible if you don’t get bored.

Actually you can play ultimate without Ultos. Also ultimate is easier to find legendary. You can get it from some mobs or 100% from the chest after beating first time encountered boss.

PS. you can add me in steam and make a trade with Shar’zul Worldeater. I offer some Ultos stuff. :slight_smile:

And here I am playing ultimate with level 50 epic gears :rolleyes:

As long as you have 80% resistances, you are fine to play ultimate. You can forgo some aether resistance on gears since outcast warding powder can provider you with 60% (10% per gear piece)

The only thing you need to farm in elite is faction reputation. Try to get at least revered in Devil’s Crossing and Outcast, then use their augments

I have all that, (revered by all factions), but I am still using Outcasts’ Chest Armor and Pauldrons, which are awesome items in terms of damage, but they don’t work on Ultimate because they offer 0 defensive stats. I am also using level 70 Elite Legion Warblade and level 50 Skyreach Sash (awesome lighting belt, but again, no defence, can’t go with it on Ultimate).

I am a melee char, so without solid resists playing Ultimate will involve quite a bit of kiting and cheese tactics, something I wanna avoid.

So there’s your problem, up your resistances. Don’t try to farm Ultos, that set takes forever to get

I did just that, had to drop dps from 26k to 22,5k in the process. I am all patched up except bleeding resistance. It’s just BoC farming is so fast and easy. And every 8 Blood of Chtons I can craft a guaranteed Legendary armor piece, gotta hit one of Ultos pieces sooner or later, right.

Well I’m not sure about that, I crafted like 30 pieces of legendary, and 0 Ultos for me

eh, sucks. I have like 4 legendary two-handers in my stash (Temporal smth, BoC boss axe, Bleeding axe for shaman and Scythe from Alcamos in SoT), 3 legendary breast plates, two of them from end game sets, but Ultos too has been eluding me so far :frowning: Guess I will gonna continue in ultimate now.

If we’re not talking about hardcore, you don’t really need all res at 80 at the beginning of ultimate.

I’ve always found act I ultimate to be much more chilling than act IV elite. But I always make sure to have 80 poison res when starting ultimate.