Question about GD fps

I recently built my first dedicated gaming PC and after so many years of playing games on the lowest settings, I’ve been looking forward to playing GD on max.

However, I have noticed in some fights my fps dropping to 40-45. Admittedly there’s a lot of crap on screen (e.g. the 30-40 wasps plus hero auras in Twin Falls, plus all my auras and AoE poison spells) but I didnt expect the fps to go that low especially when I play DOOM on max and hardly drop below 100 fps. I’m also a dunce when it comes to which gfx settings are gpu/cpu intensive so what can I reduce to keep fps above/at 60 without losing too much detail (I LOVE being able to see Tainted Eruption for a change lol)?

I apologise if this post comes across as a histrionic ‘Look at me!’ post, it’s not my intention. I just want to play my games and have them look good for a change.

Edit: I meant to put this in General Discussion but I’m so used to coming here…welp.

What are the specs of this new gaming PC?

Yeah I should have included that in the OP >.> my bad.

GTX 1070
16GB Vengeance DDR4

Its the problem with the old engine limitations, FPS drop is happening to everyone

Game does not play well with overclock, if any disable it

If disabling overclock is the solution then the game is horribly coded.

Yeah, I’m going to boot to uefi everytime I want to play GD, because the code is horrible…

There has to be another solution, and if not Crate should step up and create one.

Really the only big downside the game has, and it’s a major part of the playing experience.

Game does not play well with overclock?? More like fps is poopy without overclock and it plays fine with it :smiley: I massively OCd my cpu for grim dawn and it works just fine over many hours and I’ve never heard from someone I know or seen a forum post about it being unstable with overclocks :confused:

Keep lightning setting off max and turn shadows off, shadows always dump on my fps. Varies of course, but for me losing shadows is not a big deal too busy saving cairn to notice them. Besides that there isn’t a ton you can do =[ Crank that 6700 up to 4.6.

Personally I think CPU OC’s seem to be fine for the most part with GD. It’s the GPU OC’s that seem to cause problems. In my experience it would crash often with GPU OC. Dunno about it affecting fps tho as having crashes definitely trumps fps concerns at that point.

This latest iteration of the game seems to have borked my in-game Vsync setting tho making everything stuttery while moving. I figured out that disabling Vsync in-game and forcing it thru the Nvidia CP with the GD game profile instead cleared it up and now it runs smooth as butter.

I only get drops when tons is going on. Otherwise a stable 60fps.

As for the OP’s question about intensive GD settings it’s generally accepted that setting Lighting to low has one of the biggest impacts on fps when the action is hot. I would think the Particles settings also ties into this as well. Other than that you have Shadows and AA and any other settings in-game that affect AA-usage.

As an aside in conjunction with setting the Vsync/Triple Buffering thru the CP I have also decided to disable AA/AF in-game and force it thru the CP as well.

So far so good.

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