Question about harbinger of souls

Will the attack damage converted to health stat on the necro exclusive skill apply to spells like ravenous earth?

I was under the impression that only adcth that is local to the spell will actually apply to spells and stats like this would only work with weapon damage.

I ask because I have seen people linking vitality casters that use this exclusive skill and to me the skill looks like trash if you arent utilizing the leech.

A skill needs to have weapon damage in order to use attack damage converted to health (exception if this is built in into the skill, like Devouring Swarm). With 100% weapon damage it will use it in its entirety, doesn’t go over 100% weapon damage and gets diminished returns the less weapon damage it has.

People mostly use it for the cast speed and vitality damage.

So I can use Bloody Pox since it has Main Hand Damage on it, right?

Bloody Pox has no weapon damage (and i don’t think there’s any skill modifier that adds any), so it will only benefit from the damage modifiers in Harbinger of Souls.

Bloody Pox can gain a bit of Weapon Damage trough items.

Do note, that “lifesteal” will be penaltized if % Weapon Damage on skill is lower than 100%. For example, if you have 20% lifesteal and a skill with 20% Weapon Damage, you will heal for 4% from damage dealt by its “weapon damage” component (20% from 20%).

I just took a look at the item database and can’t find any skill modifier that adds weapon damage to Bloody Pox.