Question About Mad Lee’s Vitality Conjurer

I’m sorry if this has been asked before, I tried combing through patch notes since the last update… but I can’t make total sense of it. Is his build still good for all game content? I’m playing a new SSF character and just wanted something I could play start to end with. I saw that dark ones had the vitality to wendigo totem reduced a few patches in a row… is that a build killer? I saw the devotions like wendigo and will of rattosh took some hits.

I’m hoping some of the more veteran members can weigh in on the collective effect of the patch changes til now.

Are there some new greens that can offset some of these changes? I don’t mind farming at all. But if I need to change to a different build I’d rather restart at level 28 than later. I have a few characters that are “endgame” builds currently, but I’m going for the self inflicted SSF start to finish challenge.

In short, please provide your professional opinions, or build suggestions for a “fresh” character.

everything about vitality got nerf a bit. Devos, skills, sets… But nothing is “build killer”. I played all Conjurer/ Ritualist? Cabalist with Dark One set, and all are viable to clear end game content. Every patches people asked about “what is this buld performance with latest patch, is this still viable?” . maybe they are not strong like previous patch, it depends on what kind of “challenge” or “viable” you are talking about. You want to go to SR 100 with it, or clear Crucible under 5 minutes, or facetank all Celestials, or just can clear main campaign and farming Cronley? I’m no where near “veteran members”, but trust me, you can play this game whatever you want, and its all possible

I understand and that’s why I hesitated asking the is this still viable question. I feel like CR is a given with most builds anymore. I’m not looking to tackle SR 100 on a SSF anytime soon, but celestials are a target I’d like to shoot for.

I’ve played plenty of GD to know you could make a build with basically any class from scratch that would be able to beat main campaign and some other misc stuff. Seeing as I’ve already played through the game on 6 characters I’m starting this fresh challenge and more or less was searching for a build a different damage type. I’ve got fire sorcerer, retal WL, acid dervish, cold SB, pet conj, lighting ultos warder.

So basically just leaves aether, vita, chaos and I was trying to do it without using the shared stash. Vita seemed like a good way, but besides getting feedback on if ML’s build stood the test of time I was also looking for suggestions on other possible builds to try. I do appreciate your input though!

I’ve played Mad_Lee’s Ritualist recently - it’s still viable. Vitality probably needed a slight nerf, now it’s powerful but not quite as stand-there-and-never-die powerful. Which is tough on me as I’m a crappy pilot.

I’m not much of a builder either, but I’ve found Dark One’s set isn’t the Swiss army knife it used to be for Vitality casters, again not necessarily a bad thing.

TL;DR? You’ll still be able to kick the snot out of all sorts of powerful enemies, but you might need to tweak the build.

Edit - I’ve played caster and 2H melee ritualist recently, I think caster is in the ascendant now.