Question About Main Campaign/Mods

I’m leveling a new character created in Custom to play with mods, & I was wondering if there’s any way to transfer that character over to be played in Main Campaign multiplayer.

I know there’s a way to transfer Main Campaign characters over to be played in Custom with mods, so I was wondering if the opposite was possible.

Neither is really supported but can be ‘hacked’. Depending on the mod, it is not feasible to do either however.

If the mod is a full-conversion with different masteries etc. you cannot really bring your main-campaign char over.

If your modded char uses masteries or items not in the main game, you will also have problems going the other way.

If the mod changes existing skills, eg number of skill points you can invest, you might lose points, etc.

So the risk is up to you to determine and deal with. GD Defiler and GD Stash should both be able to change the char save so it is a main campaign / modded char, you most likely will have to move/copy the char to the proper dir however.