Question about my first character

After skimming through this thread, i couldn’t decide if i wanted to run this build/guide or not? is this build Viable for my first playthough, and to get me into and through the end game content (ultimate,veteran ect) sufficiently or not?

if not i’m only like level 6 i can restart (i added skill points in to start the build) and start a new character with something else.

Any input appreciated; i would like to play a character that:

  1. Will get me through the game, all the way to end game in ultimate and not struggle very badly.
  2. is fun to play!
  3. something that can farm whatever i may need to farm to acquire good gear.
  4. i have GD & the first 2 xpacs, i haven’t purchased crucible yet, but i am going to Asap.
    Thanks guys!

Not a pet build…

You are ded to me. Ded, ya hear :frowning:

Lmao. ok not a pet build. im a Diablo 2 Veteran, and played Diablo 3 alot as well … i am not typically a Druid/shaman/Summoner type of class …
for reference i like Heavy tank characters, Caster with mobility that do massive damage, high mobility melee character ect.

It’s a purifier so you’ll be fine. But many builds trade high mobility for lower survival.

This build is an exception:

And you can farm its set from the challenge dungeons as it only drops there.

Krieg set deathknights are also target-table in their drops.

thank you so much for the reply. i added you to my friend/contact list on here, ill take a look through the guide you posted.

The most friendly “starter builds” that can do well in challenge content might not be the most fun. It depends on taste. A Krieg Death Knight can get pretty tanky though. And if you run it dual wield it can become super powerful offensively. this is the semi official online server for chatting with the community live. It will potentially help you connect with people for answers/multiplayer faster. I personally suggest using it and this forum.

Here’s my proposal,shameless offer of my aether Spellbinder.

It’s utilizing Krieg set,the fastest to be farm.Also in my experience is lot funnier than DK,one word Devastation a.k.a aether meteors:p

once again, thank you so much. this is why i sent you a friend request lol.

thanks man! ill take a look at it for sure