Question about Myth. Dawnshard Grip's buff to Pneumatic Burst

Mythical Dawnshard Grip has 10% Chance of 100 Elemental Damage to Pneumatic Burst - how does it work?

I was thinking that each time I activate Pneumatic Burst there’s a chance of extra damage for the buff’s duration, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
I’ve been using this item for quite a while now but never noticed an increase in damage, neither when activating Pneumatic Burst nor while it is activated. Do I have to let the buff run out before using PB again (which would contradict the 15s extra duration)? Or could it be a bug? Either way, something’s wrong. Any ideas?

Applies to weapon damage attacks. I believe % chance for anything damage related isn’t taken into account in your DPS number in the character page.

I know, I’m looking at the weapon damage on the 2nd page of the character sheet.So it is a display issue?

Forgot to add that this also applies to the weapon damage tooltip, i.e it doesn’t show the flat damage.

You’re right, I tested Iskandra’s Balance relic and the 25% chance for extra damage isn’t reflected anywhere either, only the damage from the proc is.

So one can only hope that it works. Which brings me back to my initial question. When exactly does the extra damage for Pneumatic Burst apply?

Any skill with weapon damage has a chance to have the flat damage applied. Obviously the amount is dependant on the weapon damage amount.

Alright got it. Thanks for the help!