Question about Outcast's Secret

In short, how stupid rare is that thing?

Wanted to wear it while going through Ultimate, so did around 100 Nemesis Outcast runs in Elite. Didn’t find one, so decided to just rush to her in Ultimate then try it there. Now 10 runs in on Ultimate, still no luck.

Did find a metric fuckton of other legendaries and brains though. Also got a ridiculous number of Outcast Hood’s… Starting to feel like they maybe removed the legendary and replaced it with that epic /tinfoilhat

Anyway, if anyone has experience or access to the droptable database, care to give me a ballpark estimate on what the expected number of runs is to get one?

Only drops in ultimate at max rep. So most of those elite runs were a complete waste, hence your sample size is actually super tiny.

Whelp, that sucks. I was doing the runs at max rep, but found some (apparently conflicting) info that it also dropped in Elite.

Still, anyone care to look at the database to give some definitive info on how many hours of grinding I’m in for? Even in Ultimate I’m doing 3min/run while killing all heroes I encounter along the way, so hopefully not more than a full day of grinding…

From people who managed to get it, I hear anywhere from super-lucky-bastard who got it on the first drop to several hundred runs on a variety of characters and then getting lucky but not when it was desired. Maybe it’s like 1 in a hundred or something (1%) just guesstimated from samples I see.

For me I keep putting off farming her in ultimate and avoid doing the betrayal quest there since I can’t decide when I’ll stop needing her augments in veteran/elite and don’t want to stockpile and fill up my stash.

I’m not sure how some people manage 100 or even 200 runs to get it, seems borderline impossible. I’ve farmed like 5ish at this point and yeah it takes awhile, but it’s not too long at all assuming your character has dps

Also confirming that it is ultimate only, sorry about your wasted grind ;(

Gimme one! Joke – I keep wishing I don’t have to betray her to get one. I’m so paranoid about finding some new potential BiS gear on which I want her augments. I’m sometimes tempted to create a character all the way up to ultimate just for farming her for my other builds for which I don’t bother with worrying about her augments just to get that damned helm. Maybe that would make sense – would speed up getting revered status with BL which I still haven’t bothered to do on any build.

35 runs so far (Ultimate at max rep.) - no luck yet.

I have 1 char just to farm her. But i still don’t have nemesis with outcast.

Same here a pure DPS character with Mirror. She goes down super fast.
Move in bring the 2 Hulk closer destroy them.

Start Spamming BWC. Mirror and keep spamming. She is dead.

Took me about 15 runs at Nemesis so it did seems very fast considering that it take like 3 minutes to deal with her dungeon (comparing to Rogue were I have run 50+ without getting anything for it and they take a long time Port being the worst offender)