Question about picking up loot from rewards


When my character walks over loot there is a screen that appears which displays all stats of the gear. My issue, it seems to cover the screen and it’s hard to see what’s happening. Is there a way to prevent the preview item detail window from appearing when walking over loot?

Yes, in the Options menu.

Or you can use a button to “toggle hide all items” to temporarily hide all items from the screen.

“Auto item tooltip” is what you want to uncheck in options interface menu
or do what Res suggested

I sometimes use a script that hides loot on the ground automatically by keeping “hide all items” toggled.
And when I no longer fight, which is pressing one of defined buttons, the script toggles it off.

Here's a demonstration (items dropped during fight but showed after it, also chest got hidden):

Thank you Gnomish. That setting helped the issue for me.
Thank you.