Question about proc chance

I have a question about what happens when you wield two copies of the same legendary/epic items (or actually even two rare items with the same item skill)

Example: If I have two reaver’s claws (50% ring of steel on crit) each dual wielded on my blademaster, would the chance come out to be on crit…

A) 100%? (Diablo II worked this way but not sure about grim dawn)

B) 75% (I.E, if the first item does not proc then the second item is checked separately) and if so do they share cooldowns?

or C) 50% there is no benefit whatsoever of the second item

They both will activate independently of one another. They can even proc at the same time.

So in other words…
The chance of getting one proc basically is 75% (with 25% chance of getting two procs)

Thank you!

There are different types of procs. Some procs are WPS (you do that instead of your attack. Example: Barrelsmith’s set). Your example need your weapon to make a critical attack and the weapon that makes the critical attack has a chance to activate the proc, if I’m correct.


For clarity, WPS are WPS in GD, and procs are procs. To call one the other would just be confusing in this game.

As for activating procs, as long as you meet the condition, they will go off.
For example, you can even trigger the Ring of Steel on that weapon from bleed crits that you started seconds ago, even if you currently aren’t attacking at all.