Question about shifting sands

Hey guys I was just curious, if I link shifting sands to blade spirit does that mean that it doesn’t get the %weapon damage component because blade spirits do not have a %weapon damage component? Im asking because when i tried linking it and sent them to attack the strawman, the damage from sands seemed negligible compared to when i had it linked to my main attack.

Maybe because your main attack is superior to the ones of the blade spirits?
Anyway, when I do it like you do, the tool tip still says something like
“20 % Weapon damage (50000 damage)”. So…

-_- of course my main attack is stronger than blade spirits, don’t insult my intelligence please. What I should have said is that It parses alot better with shifting sands on my main attack compared to when I put them on blade spirit so It made me wonder if the devotion doesnt get its weapon damage applied through blade spirits because they have no innate weapon damage.

I don’t see how he insulted you. With that attitude people might stop responding to your threads.

Pets, unless stated, don’t have weapon damage, therefore any devotion that has WD effectively deal an additional 0 damage.
In your case, Blade Spirit deal only base damage, and the WD is effectively 0.

I don’t think BS damage instead of player applies. Not according to toolip or game play feel.

Blades of wrath is just as powerful on Main attack as it is on BS and although it has a strong flat dmg component the %WD matters as well when it shotguns.

As for Shifting Sands, it’s just how it feels. I has Very very low WD to begin with and is only strong when it crits. BS is not amazing with 20% chance to procs. You have a better chance with % crit procs on it if you have high OA. It can go to 30-40% or more.

Shifting sands feels better on Auto attack because it procs more reliably and in the direction you want it to. Even on WpS like Whirling death or Belgo Shears it feels better than Balde Spirit

You can also put it on ring of steel. procs pretty reliably.

He was sarcastic and i pointed it out. Don’t respond to my threads if you don’t like something I say.

Yeah I ended up putting shifting sands on cadence because it has the .5 second cooldown and procs alot. I would put it on a WPS but im using cadence so i don’t think i would get enough procs off it. Thanks for the information.

Yes if you are using Cadence it’s not really worth it on WPS

Sorry if it came across sarcastic; was not intended to. Was maybe the question mark…

To add something of substance: When I bind the Sands to not a weapon attack (CoF to be precise), I also witness that the grains just … appear and flot around in a tired way.
Bound to a weapon attack, the Sands become more like a proper wave, going back & forth. Confused me at first, but I think it does not lack in AoE quite much.

And don’t respond to comments you do not like (and yeah that is coming from me :rolleyes: )

This thread needs to chill out. Seriously folks, this constant sniping and bickering is not cool. Neither insult or sarcasm was intended and this is a public forum. If you don’t want people commenting, then don’t post here.

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