Question about Solael's Witchfire

So I am building a Conjurer and it’s my first time playing Occultist. It’s going to be a caster, so my question is, does Solael’s Witchfire add flat (chaos and vitality) damage to spells like Doom Bolt, Bloody Pox and Devouring Swarm? Because it’s says “with every weapon attack”. (and while we here, it says attack speed, doesn’t count towards casting speed?)

The flat damage only applies to weapon attacks, same for the attack speed. For the skills you listed, you’re only really getting the % damage boosts and resistance.

Oh no, so there is almost no point in maxing out Solael’s Witchfire and Second rite on a Doom Bolt caster build?? This is disappointing.

flat damage bonuses only work on spells if the spell or a transmuter of the spell has a weapon damage % component attached to it…

i.e. Callidor’s Tempest

what about procs from items and devotions with % weapon damage?

That passive %bonus applies to all your chaos damage. Some might feel that the point investment is too much, but maxed posession, hellfire, and second rite add up to about 1200 additional chaos damage on Doom bolt at level 6. I also have Solaels Flame stacked with Eldrich Fire devotion which are also getting those bonuses, plus chaos bolt procs, doombolt procs, and voidfire nova procs, all getting those bonuses. Also greater fireblast getting a good bit of the chaos damage from Witchfire/Second Rite. All my fire damage is likewise getting a boost from FlameTouched. If you focus narrowly on chaos/vitality, or in my case chaos/fire, then all those little seeming bonuses will add up to a big bonus.

I already figured out that it affects Chaos Strike and Chaos Strike is a serious damage dealer in this build (it’s Superfluff’s Doom Bolt Conjurer ofc, bit tweaked), so maxing out both won’t be in vain.