question about Spellscourge set

I was playing with grimtools and this set did capture my attention

Maybe that 18% weapon damage can be used for a tank/DoT build has fire & forget i was thinking… but…

How i can use the bonus provided by this set if i cant use the spell? Devastation require a caster off-hand, this set pick up that slot with his shield… i miss something in the mid-way? They did change things without notice? or more likely this shield is consider “caster off hand” just like Vortex of soul (2h range) pierce (but never did see it on the tooltip itself).

Maybe this question was already done, but i did try to search for it & also backtracking the forum pages, but didnt see anything… maybe im blind >.<!

btw, anyone know how this work XD?

The shield has a hidden skill modification to enable Devastation to work with shields.

those dem hidden shenanigans :eek:

btw tnx, has i thought, but i wonder why they don’t state it somewhere in the items, like a little “(enable the use of devastation)” on the 4th set part description doesn’t hurt at all ^^.

well at least is obv… :p, but personally i think is better to state it even if obvious in any case.

edit: ho true… this hidden mod is in the shield only? or is unlocked once u get all the set together? because this implies different use for it :smiley:

Its the same with a Shield allowing you to perform forcewaves.
While not obvious stated it seems that all the items that allow such a way to use skills directly boost the skill that would otherwise forbidden to use.