Question about Sword & shield build

I am trying to do a shield build focused mostly on block/survability. I am a demolitionist right now and I am almost ready to choose a second mastery.

I am tempted to go occultist (pyromancer) instead of ubiquitous soldier but my main question is: can a shield build be viable without Soldier in the equation?

What do you think?

Devotions-wise I am aiming to complete shieldmaiden first (turtle, panther, dog, wolverine, those to get some retaliation bonuses).

Do you think I should be getting soldier still? Soldier has got overguard+shield training…


I have just reached level 20 and I have made a backup copy of my toon.

I am ready to start investing in a new mastery.

Your feedback is welcome.

Soldier hands down will offer the best survivability.

What damage type do you plan on using?

If the point of the shield is to block and survivability then soldier is best option. If you just want the shield to add extra survivability then it depends on what skill and what damage you want to use.


So soldier it is then. I am currently using firestrike as main damage. So fire and some physical damage.

What about “on-block” constellations? Targo’s hammer or trample? Or should I get other fire-related ones?

I tried Magi’s fissure once. It looked kinda meh for me. What about Rhowan’s crown?

I have never tried Ulzuin’s torch. Probably the best suited for fire based damage.

You can orientate at existing builds, if you want to go for fire dmg with a mix of melee and ranged skills:

And if rather physical and pure melee:

Fissure shines if you put it on the Thermite Mines and throw them in large packs of in nemesis battles.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Just because I am always trying new things and have all my toons backed up, I am trying to get along well with cadence and I will try the physical route now. I think it’s a safer way for one handers.

After tinkering a bit more, and being fed up (again) with Cadence, I have returned to good ole Firestrike Commando (stacking armor and survability options). :eek:

I’m a big fan of targo’s hammer, especially when paired with high block chance. Fissure is awesome if you can proc it repeatedly such as with canister bomb or thermite mine but otherwise is somewhat lackluster in my experience. I really highly recommend 1 point in canister bomb and maxed mutator with fissure. It stuns a crowd and procs three or four fissures at once right under them.

I agree with what’s been said, soldier is the best option to pair with demo for a sword and board combo.

Also if you are fed up with cadence, you can always focus on blitz damage!

Great suggestions so far. Thanks!

Cadence+deadly momentum and Blitz go really well hand in hand. If you played Cadence only I’m not surprised you got bored:)

yep, it sucks that the most effective useful op skills in this game look visually bland while the eye candy gorgeous ones are lame and even considered not viable by many…:rolleyes:

I am trying Cadence again, combined with other things. I am getting Blitz ASAP too. :rolleyes:

I currently have a commando based on fire procs.

Tanky and made HC Gladiator difficulty in the Crucible mode… was tight though :stuck_out_tongue:
Otherwise the main campaing is a joke, besides the Mad Queen which i never really kill since I don’t care about her and her drops.

EDIT : another option i might consider is giving up on the revenant and taking the blue crossroad with the Ghould constellation or something alike that
–> in my case i cant go with the Ghoul constellation because i curently need the vitality resist out of the Revenant constellation!