Question about Tactician

I am still in Normal, but for a Tactician should I wield 2 single guns or a gun and shield?

When I Duel Weld 2 guns, my DPS is example about 3k
But when I take one gun off DPS goes up to 7k

However it seems to work better with Duel Welding
if that the case then what Numbers should I be looking for in weapons if not DPS on the stats screen?

Resist; I have all the top resist max at 80% (Fire, Cold, etc)
the lower ones Blood, Chaos etc, are harder to find gear, I guess this will come more in the next difficulty?

My Armor seems to cap at 70% in normal mode?
is so what does it cap in the next difficulties?

Sheet DPS displays only the DPS for the skill on your LMB, or if that is set to “Move to”, then the skill on your RMB. As such, it can be kind of useless sometimes, like if you have it set to Amarasta’s Blade Burst but your main damage comes from autoattacks.
Trust how fast it feels, not just the sheet DPS. As for stats, if you’re going for a basic attack character, attack speed is the most important for now. Dual wield will probably be better - shields are usually meant for melee builds that are looking to facetank stuff.

The bottom ones are all harder to find, that’s why end game builds almost always have to cover them with armor augments. Just grab them where you can.

As for your armor, you’re looking at armor absorption. You can see how that works in the game guide, look at the armor formula under advanced mechanics.

This is mostly increased through components on your armor.

Thanks everyone for the help and advise