Question about the Iskandra set

(If you want to see the detials of the set search for Iskandra on here: )

Now… there is kinda a problem i have with this set and i wonder if im missing something or not.

It looks like an amazing battlemage/spellbreaker set… if youlook at the seperate pieces you can see how well the chest, helmet and shoulders would lend for it and the amulet even requires melee weapons for it to work fully.
The 5-set bonus is a bonus that gives alot of dmg and melee survivability (remember this part, its important)…

And then you scroll down lower and you click away because you realise…
to finish off the 5-set bonus…you need a caster offhand.

Why… why does a full battlemage/melee-focussed caster set…have an offhand in it. If there is one thing that could have ruined the 5set bonus and made the entire setbonusses useless, its a caster offhand.

If anyone can explain please do because i cant see the use of having amazing stuff for melee weapons and then be forced to only use 1 1-hander.

Am i reallymissing something or did someone just not think when making the set? :stuck_out_tongue:

this… seems like a good point.

I would point out Iskandras EE is not even melee focused… but 2h ranged would have the same problem.
(not sure why the ammy has that melee req, either.)

Same reason why i run 4/4 Clairvoyants set + Aldanars Vanity as off-hand + the Justicar ring set.

IMO Iskandra`s is damn hard to find and not worth the hype so to say. Above setup is easier to find and gives the same overall benefit (less physical resists but that is never a prob for a battlemage).

I face tank Ult. Fabius without potions (running RPM/Devastation/Agrivix build).