Question about Turtle Shell Turtoise Devotion Skill

So just messing around on Grim Tools, and I noticed that the max rank level 20 Turtle Shell skill on the Turtoise devotion constellation has different stats than those listed in the wiki.

Grim tools says level 20 has 16 second recharge, while wiki says this skill has 30 second recharge.

Anyone know which of these is accurate (if either)?


Grim tools is more accurate, it gets updated within days of a new patch.

Just avoid the wiki. It’s constantly out of date because people manually update it, whereas Grimtools is updated by pulling the information straight from the game’s files.

Ok, thanks!

The grim dawn wikia is years out of date by this point. The go-to replacement for it these days is the grim dawn gamepedia which is still actively being maintained/updated.

Just to clarify, the gamepedia only shows up to level 20 whereas grimtools up to level 25 for Turtle Shell which is where your confusion comes in.

It actually has a message in its news section:

"News, Blog posts

Admins of Grim Dawn Wiki have officially moved to Gamepedia

Realmain | August 22, 2016 | User blog:Realmain

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I would like to announce that the Admins of Grim Dawn Wiki, Heteroclitus (now under the name of Oudeis) and I (Realmain), have officially moved the Grim Dawn Wiki to Gamepedia.

All new edits by us will only be on the Grim Dawn Wiki on Gamepedia. We will no longer be maintaining the Wikia page.

Editors are still free to continue editing on this Wikia and maintain it."

So that’s the go to place now and has been for 3 years.