Question about turtle shell


does Turtle Shell proc at 40% Health everytime, if i link it with Resilience or does it only proc, if resilience is ongoing and i’m at 40% Health, too? (Same with deadly aim?)

If you bind a devotion on a temp skill, it can only activate if that skill is active.

Remember that resilience have cooldown too. So if you get below 40% when resilience is on cooldown, you have no further protection.

Irrelevant tangent, but important thing to know:

Turtle only goes on CD the moment its barrier is completely depleted. So if you walk around with 1hp left on the barrier… :rolleyes:

yeah that is also good to know xD

Cool thx you both for the quick answer. I have played more then 700hours but after a break of several month i wasn’t sure anymore about that :slight_smile: (and in HC it isn’t funny at all to test something like that :p)

TL;DR - If you want to use a forcefield proc, crab is your best bet because of its amazing cooldown.

IMO, turtle is a good veteran/elite circuit breaker, but at the later stages of the game, where you can get bitchslapped for like 10k damage, it’s next to useless.

This is also because the damage absorb it provides is unfiltered by things like your resist or armor.

In other words, it is at the tippy top of your order of defence.

This is markedly different from say inquisitor seal which is at the very bottom of this list.

To illustrate my point, I will assume a barrier health of 2500, and a flat damage absorption (such as that found on inquisitor seal, blast shield, etc.) of 2500


  1. I have 80% fire res, and turtle is up. I get hit for 10k fire damage.

(10,000 - 2500) * 0.2 = I take 1500 damage

  1. I have 80% fire res, and I have 2500 damage absorption

(10000 * 0.2) - 2500 = I take 0 damage.

Thus you can see that ‘forcefield’ type effects aren’t very helpful.

Of course, while things like inquistor seal does not have an insanely high value of 2500, it is possible to stack it with other layers of defence like % damage absorption (i.e. maiven’s), or other sources of flat absorp (i.e. phoenix) which serves only to make it more effective.

EDIT: It also doesn’t ‘deplete’ with every instance of damage taken, and has a MUCH lower CD. In the end game, reliability is key IMO.

So, did they change barriers flat dmg absorption?

It’s a different type of damage absorption IIRC. Barrier type absorption is different from phoenix-like absorption.

I mean, if it weren’t the case, crab would be the best constellation in the game. Hands down.

EDIT: You’re making me second guess myself. Assume I’m wrong until I can find where I read that.

On the contrary, if it is applied before resistances, it would be 100% useless :stuck_out_tongue:

I distinctly remember chthon explaining this to me nearly word for word on some thread with him linking me to some other stuff.

But I can’t find it. Since memory is so volatile, I would ignore everything I just said. Since the wording of turtle’s proc is the exact same as phoenix and seal, and since it’s likewise described on the GDwiki, I am most likely wrong. (Apologies).

Still though, crab is consistent, turtle is inconsistent.

I do however wonder how turtle + crab + seal of ancestry + maiven’s would now fare on a CDR heavy build.

and crab have better nodes, plus you can charge up several crab layers

Interesting discussion. Till now turtle was a no brainer for all my chars but now i will take a closer look at crab. Again thx a lot :smiley: