Question about two builds

Hey guys,

so I leveled up a witchblade to 100. I ran a chaos tank build with blade arc but it felt kind of lack lustre. I also have leveled a gun and shield build tactician to 88 but my gods is it tedious to play. Yes it is a tank but it has atrocious kill speeds even on trash. I have a lot of decent single legendaries but hardly anything in sets. I’m looking for builds for both witchblade and tactician that are really enjoyable to play and farm with but are not super dependant on BiS MIs and things as I have none of that even though I keep trying to role decent boots and have over a thousand hours played. I’ve been “going it alone” and not really looking at copying build guides but I feel like I’ve hit a wall and these two builds have stopped being fun to play.

I’ve been trying other combinations of classes but I’d really like to get my witchblade to a point where I enjoy playing it again. I’ve seen some great builds I’d like to try but they are really gear dependant and if you don’t have that exact gear the build doesn’t really work. I’ve tried utilising obsidian tremors because I had a mythical juggernaut drop but it is just too energy dependant and there is no way to do the build (that I can see) in a way that would allow you to spam obsidian tremor the way you would need to. Also the skill seems kind of lacklustre. I tried running juggernaut with cadence but for some strange reason the kill speeds are disappointing and the build is oddly squishy. I tried fighting Lokarr and he three shot me. I’m still trying to get the ugdenbloom so I can kit the character out properly.

Sorry this is so long. Any help is appreciated.

Hmm, you can try my Forcewave build:

As for gear dependancy - it all depends on what you expect from the build. If you expect him to crush nemesises and Gladiator crucible, you cant do that with trash gear (like, faction greens, etc). It’s simply IMPOSSIBLE, even for best builds.
But good builds can shine with relatively decent gear, and can farm themselves most of it. I also didnt started my build clad in BiS legendaries/sets. No, i farmed all items i’ve got myself, graduately improving my gear.

Just looking for something with a lot of survivability so I can farm areas safely to try to find better gear either for this character or another one. Also something that is enjoyable to play. Maybe I should just stick with my witchblade since I invested in the very expensive seal of the void. I’m not looking to fight nemesis or any of the super bosses yet. Just want to comfortably farm. I mean I can easily farm aspirant crucible but for some reason his kill speeds are super low above aspirant and his kill speeds in the main campaign are also strangely low. Here is the build I’ve been using;

Like I said, his gear is still a work in progress so it isn’t optimal. Hopefully I can get the mythical fang of chthon recipe sometime before I die in real life as I think that might make the build tankier and possibly more interesting to play.