Question about which epic/legendaries are most used in builds

I’ve just finished my beginner’s build and started farming, I’m trying to transmute/drop a invoker set, it just occurred to me that I might be transmuting over uniques that are used in really good builds, so could someone just name drop some of the most used/worth keeping sets, no need to specify which build uses them or anything, just so I don’t roll over the good stuff.

Some sets are better or worse than others but I don’t think any are unviable or noob trap. Tbh, I’d keep everything that is purple. Tools like item assistant help in that respect.

What do you mean transmuting “over” uniques? It needs pieces of the same set to transmute. Am I misunderstanding what you mean? Edit: see medea reply, as usual I’m silly.

No, it doesn’t. You can choose to either transmute a piece from the same set or transmute for a piece from another set.

Oh, that kind of transmuting. I forgot that even existed! Heh

Invoker is really cool set, if you like PRM. But it’s set more or less limited to this skill. There are sets participating in multiple builds.

SR set is really versatile but not only. Justicar is used in many fire builds, Bonemonger, Blood Knight, Dark One, Deathmarked, Light Defender etc.

There are also some non set items that are very good. For pants for example you should keep Barbaros, Tranquil Minds, Arcane Harmony.

Invoker PRM is what I’m going for, my budget build is also your PRM guide by the way

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it all depends on the build honestly. which i would do if i was you is just collecting legs and stocking them for other builds, and when you find one you already have you transmute it. otherwise you will burn your irons and lotus pretty fast (except if you cheat but it will still be time consuming).