Question: % Damage Bonus vs MonsterType - Anyone built around it?

So I was drawing up a draft of a build and noticed I could stack +105% damage vs Humans on this trickster.

This build would then deal a bit over double damage to all humans. Has anyone looked into superstacking damage vs monster types like this? Or even finding ways to get bonus damage for a range of widely used monster types (like Eldirtch + Aetherial + Ch’thon + Human + Beasts or something)


As it turns out, it’s really powerful. Check out the bleed damage on Fabius, it spikes up to over 1,000,000 damage every tick :smiley:

Build used: Trickster, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

The build needs a lot of tweaking, but interesting stuff none the less.

I was kinda wondering about it and even tried to build a ch’thon version of damage bonus with Demonslayer’s set or that one two-handed gun but ended up with a realization that it’s just not worth it because of these gear and whatnot sacrifices to better alternatives.

Like, it would probably beat shit out of iron maiden and fabius but would fall apart on grava or mossy. That’s my imagination.

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Yeah exactly; It becomes great at hunting a faction. Which is kinda fun if you’re grinding a specific boss or something :slight_smile: Like creating an Undead slayer could be fun for certain dungeon runs etc.

The build above is generally not bad (it can clear Sr 76), as it can get to around 500-600k bleed dot damage on most enemies, so the damage is fine. It’s a bit squishy. But then yeah, against humans it shreds hard, which is kinda fun :smiley:

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Here is my saint pierce sharpshooter Kaldor Draigo:

He has:
19% less damage from Chthonics
21% less damage from Eldritch
28% more damage to Undead
20% more damage to Beasts
12% more damage to Beastkin
14% more damage to Eldritch
65% more damage to Chthonics

I use him for fast and safe farming of Chthonics, but he is also very good against Undeads and Eldritch.

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Nice! A while ago I was thinking of making an Aetherial hunter or a Monster Hunter (damage vs beasts :stuck_out_tongue: )

i did a chaos build at some point that used a lot of Cleric prefix greens along with sanctified bones, arkovian bonemeal and wretch+wraith nodes for a ton of Undead racism
it killed reaper pretty fast :no_mouth:

human racial getting removed from Sinister prefix and Nemesis relic to balance Pierce/Nightblades in 9.2 should sorta indicate how strong % Racial is as dmg multiplier

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Ah awesome. Good thoughts too, ty Gnomish. What was your total vs undead bonus?

don’t remember/didn’t count i think - tried see if i could find it, but the sea of meme chars has grown too vast :grimacing:

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