QUESTION - Does Ignaffar's Combustion buff appears?

I have created the Ignaffar’s Combustion relic, but it’s passive proc doesn’t appear on my buffs.
Ignaffar’s Combustion passive proc works as follows -

15% chance on attack
3 Second Skill Recharge
6 Second Duration
7 Meter Radius
60 Fire Damage
30-110 Lightning Damage
-10% Chaos Resistance
-10% Elemental Resistance

So my question is - does the passive proc appear on the buffs bar?

Thanks in advance.

it’s not a buff on you
it’s an attack/debuff on enemies

go hit the training dummy with “non FX covering” attacks and you will quickly see it

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Thanks a lot!

should see a big “fire explosion” around you when it triggers, followed by fire debuff pseudo dot on dummy