Question: Legendary Set Buff


Currently I am playing the Hunter class Wicth use Venomblade set, I liked the sword, but not like mace because it looked very odd
I’d love to use dual sword but do not know whether it’s me full set buff or not
sr i’m bad english

You posted in the wrong section

You won’t get full set buffs if you do not wear the full set.

oh sorry
I mean the effect of a full set according to the default number or structure?
I think that based on the amount it would be better for new builds

it was like I was punched in one eye so

I’m guessing TC wants a change to how set bonuses are determined so they work off a number of items in the set instead of the actual set items themselves, i.e. so for the Venomblade set, wearing the Cowl, Jacket and using either the Fist and Razor or Razor and Razor or Fist and Fist etc. grant the full bonuses.

Eh, i’m indifferent but i don’t see it happening.