Question on Conversion in both ways?

If I have an item that converts 100% vitality to physical, but also a buff that converts 15% physical to vitality, what would be the outcome? I.e. how does the game handle conversions that go in both directions?

conversions only happens once, you can not convert a damage source twice.

read chapter on conversion: 🤯 malawiglenn’s guide on game mechanics for beginners

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Thanks! I read through it but it doesn’t answer my question.

I was asking what happens when you have convert from type A -> B and then back to B -> A. I know you can’t convert twice, but if that guide is correct then there must be an order to it.

To explain further:

If I have 100% vitality to physical and 15% physical to vitality. If the vitality to physical happens first, then there will be nothing to convert back and I will not be losing any damage. However, if physical to vitality happens first, then my best guess is that 15% will remain vitality since it can’t be converted again.

My best guess in this scenario would be that 100% of my pre-conversion vitality damage will be converted to physical, and 15% of my pre-conversion physical damage will be converted to vitality.

But that’s just a guess and I’d like to know for certain how this will work.

Conversions can not occur more than one time. What is that you do not understand? Why are you even asking this if you say that you know that damage can not occur twice? :stuck_out_tongue:

ALL the raw vitality damage that you started with will end up and stay as physical damage.

15% of the raw physical damage that you started with will end up and stay as vitality damage.

e.g. lets say you start out with 50 raw vit dmg and 100 raw phys dmg. The raw dmg numbers you will end up with are 15 raw vit and 135 raw phys.

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Yeah, well, my assumption was correct then, it just took a while for my head to straighten it out and I wanted to be sure it was correct. Thanks for clarifying.

Here’s an exercise for you to further your understanding of the subject.

Let’s say we have 80 Lightning and 80 Electrocute damage.
We then obtain 100% Lightning to Fire and 60% Lightning to Aether conversion.
What are the final damage types and their values?

Putting me on the spot, huh?

I’d assume it would be 48 Fire and 32 Aether. But my math skills are horrendous so I’m probably wrong.

Since there is not Aether DoT it would be 80 Burn.

I think it’s 50 and 30 but whatever, the important thing is you get how it works.

However as far as DoT is concerned, it works in a different way if I’m not mistaken.
You get 50 Burn (the same formula is used) and the rest is 30 Electrocute because it doesn’t convert.
So basically Lightning to Aether does nothing but screws up our Fire DoT in a way.
I remember a discussion on this issue.

Could someone clarify this please? If not I’ll try searching the forums.

80*100/(100+60) Fire
80*60/(100+60) Aether
80*100/(100+60) Burn
80*60/(100+60) Eectrocute

Well since you’re working with conversion higher than 100% compact it back down to 100% while maintaining the ratio, this works out to 62.5% lighting to fire and 37.5% lighting to aether.
So you should end up with 50 fire 30 aether and 80 burn