Question on damage mechanics

Hey guys,

can anyone please enlighten me on the following:

On some items (see image), damage types are part of the upper section of the description, while there is additional flat damage noted in the lower section.

What is the difference between the two? Do they benefit differently from +%-damage modifiers?

Thanks for your answers!

The one in white is static and will be 100 for every instances of this item. The yellow one’s value can vary. Other than that they’re the exact same thing, they just add together.

Thanks for the answer!

Still curious though, 33 doesn’t seem to be a variable, it seems to be flat 33 every hit. Other items have, let’s say 1-50 lightning damage, as white and yellow text. If there is no difference between the two, why isn’t it just added together in one line?

They can vary meaning they can have a different roll. 33, 35 etc

The number in white is most helpful when looking at magical or rare items since that number represents the weapon’s base damage before modifiers. Imagine if you found a caster weapon that deals 10 base fire damage and 5 fire damage from a prefix. If the numbers weren’t separate, it would be hard for a player to tell which proportion of the damage is attributable to the weapon itself and which is the prefix.

As someone else said, the magnitude of the white number will never change, but sometimes the type of damage may vary if it’s a caster weapon.

Aaaaaah okay, well that makes sense!
I didn’t get the ‘variable because of roll’ part :slight_smile: