Question on Flame Torrent

Okay, so I have a Chaos Witchblade that I am trying to work with. I am just curious if I should keep my Flame Torrent devotion (linked to Blade Arc) or if I should replace it for a different devotion skill like Wedigo’s Mark just to help me sustain better. Can I get some input from some more knowledgeable people than I on this subject?

This is what I currently have on my character if that helps with what advice I can get.

Okay, first is build critique, cause this will be helpful in answering your question later. Use seal of the void on weapon and just get 1 pt elsewhere for blitz. It’s got better stats than riftstone. If you don’t have seal then go for haunted steel. The vit conversion will not be a dps loss because your helm already converts all phys to chaos on Blade arc. There would be morr things I’d change in skill distribution but it’s a hassle in mobile so let’s leave it at that for now.

Now for you question, no. Keep Flame Torrent, especially if you change your components. With the component change you’ll have better dps, which translates to better lifesteal on Flame Torrent. And you already have great support for it with voidheart. Wendigo would do nothing good for you.

Thanks for the input x1x1x1x2. I am curious about how you would handle my skill distribution. This is actually a build that I have referenced back when I started playing so any help would be appreciated lol

Your main damage type is Chaos but you only have -25% resist reduction. Most builds have upwards of 100% resist reduction of their main damage type. This is by far the hardest for chaos damage, so my advice is to get Solael’s Witchblade in the devotion tree for more chaos resistance. This will be a huge boon to your damage, especially against ch’thonic enemies.

^what he said. Consider manticore as well. RR is incredibly vital in the end game

Also use solael component for RR

Try something like this:

You’ll have less health regen, but you’ll have 300 more DA, 200 more OA, 15% more crit damage, 1500 more weapon damage, 3,000 more health, 400 more armor, and about 60 more chaos resist reduction. You shouldn’t need so much health regen if you have 300 more DA and way more damage. I also gave you War Cry to reduce hard-hitting enemies’ damage by a huge chunk, which will help reduce the need for the health regen you were stacking before.

The only downside is that Blade Arc won’t be maxed because I replaced Badge of Mastery. This isn’t as big a deal for your build because you’re not really using half of the skill’s damage (the bleed damage is wasted). I also put a Sanctified Bone in your head armor; since Ch’thonic enemies have the highest Chaos resist, racial damage bonuses against them shouldn’t be underestimated when you’re using chaos damage.

Yeah, I know how important RR is. Chaos builds kind of got a bum deal in that department. I was contemplating on getting the Soleal’s Witchblade devotion, and I am having a hard time giving up the rift strike from my riftstone, but I can see why I should just give it up and replace it with a more useful component. Losing that much health regen is going to be a big adjustment to me since when I originally started this guy I had like all the healing devotion skills before AoM came out. I just got so used to just regening through a fight.

The advice here is good though and I will give it a try. Might go with Mark of Consumption though instead of M Black Star of Deceit.

Hmm. That could be an issue in and of iteself. If I’m being honest, you are right to say that the chaos damage type did indeed get a ‘bum deal,’ but so did HP regeneration as a defense mechanism.

EDIT: Personally, I’d do something like this -

You have 2 failsafes - haunted steel, and ghoul. Much better OA + 12% lifesteal. I can’t imagine this being inadequate.

I also changed your skill point distribution, devotion pathing, and gloves. Grasp of unchained might is almost certainly BiS for you.

Lastly, BiS medal slot is probably some awesome rylok’s crest of awesomeness

This is what I got after a theorycraft. Didn’t gun for something that would change little from your items cause Snazzblaster and sir spanksalot already gave you some links regarding that so consider this as an end endgame goal. Of course this isn’t tested but I will surely test this tomorrow. I’ve been eyeing chaos blade arc for a while already. Btw change relic to solael.

Why does the build need Consecrated Blade if you’re rocking gear with 100% conversion? I’m actually curious, not trying to be snarky. It seems to me the 15% conversion for Blitz, a 1-pt mobility skill isn’t significant?

Where are you seeing 100% conversion? there’s nowhere near 100%.

Are you confused about the gloves conversion? That only applies to cadence, which he isn’t using.

Oh yeah, Unchained Might is definitely BiS. Completely forgot about those gloves.

Eldritch Gaze :rolleyes:

Yeah, you don’t need consecrated blade unless you get something like meteors.

That frees up 3 points.

Some cheap awesome shoulders to consider are the elite malmouth void pauldrons.

Korsar always recommends them, and they are indeed amazing (you get 22/12 possession)

P.S. x1x1x1x2 accidentally left 2 excessive points in solael’s witchblade, so I pulled em out and dumped them into pox/wasting for valuable OA shred. It’s also one of the best skills for devotion-proccing.

Mkay… having had a chance to look over everything that everyone has said I think I can kind of see where I need to head now. I just have a few questions though.

For you x1x1x1x2, why do you recommend swapping my boots out for the Stoneplate Greaves? It just feels like an odd choice to me.

Also, I am curious as to why the Sigil of Consumption is being dropped. I know I am not Vitality focused, but I find it nice to proc Undying God. It just seems like I would be trading one vitality skill for another. One that gives me health and the other (as sir spanksalot pointed out) reduces OA. (Also if I get the Rylok mark my SoC would slow enemy attacks by 20%.)

And to answer your question Drokalypso… I just forgot to take them out >_>

Stoneplate greaves are handsdown the best defensive boots. In addition to the innate %phys res they have, the fact that they can roll with affixes giving stun resist, % phys res, %OA, %DA, etc. just make them very versatile in general. Furthermore, them being craftable means you can get crafting bonuses like 4% physique (which is about 40DA + 200hp) or 5% armor. Assuming, of course, you are crafting these shoes with angrim.

This is why most end game builds use stoneplates.

Undying god has a 100% proc chance with any skill. You don’t need to use sigil to proc it.

Building off that, the amount of health you gain from sigil will be close to 0 in the end game as you don’t have the necessary Resist reduction to make full use of it.

OA shred, on the other hand, is ever useful and translates to much better survivability.

In addition, pox is arguably one of the best devotion proccing skills as even corpses affected by pox can still infect other enemies.

Lastly, because your primary skill is blade arc, and for the reasons mentioned above, you would ideally use a medal which buffs blade arc, and not sigil.

Forgot to mention also that the big, bad uglies tend to have lots of slow resistance. Unless you’re having issues with trash mobs, which I sincerely doubt because of blade arc, rylok’s mark’s modifier isn’t going to be helpful.

@x1x1x1x2: I’m curious as to why you didn’t decide to roll with girdle of stolen dreams. Surely the OA boost offered by the belt is enticing?

@talonblade what spanksalot said is all true. Also, I’m a GDstasher so I have more freedom on what I can put in there. That’s why I labelled it as an ‘end endgame goal’

@spanks I’m a sucker for flat dmg so +BoD is great, though I just noticed that darkblaze belt doesn’t give any chaos damage.