Question on Overload interactions?

From some anecdotal testing I feel Arcanist/Overload is heavily underused because it’s not reflected in sheet dps for one thing. The ability to triple stack dots is quite significant (I’m seeing this currently with my Blade Arc Battlemage).

I have a generalized set of questions:

  1. I presume Overload will proc on anything that does %weapon damage.

So for example:

DEE + Blood Burst = proc. However Vile Eruption fragments will not proc it. Correct?

  1. In the example above, does each cast/initial hit of DEE add another stack or is there a chance for refresh/stack every tick of damage?

Another example:

Fire Strike + Explosive Strike will add a stack. Does the burn from Explosive Strike also refresh/add a stack each tick, or do you only get additional stacks per attack?

As an aside, does Static Strike apply to Explosive Strike (per tick?) or just the base Fire Strike (so single target)?

I guess this is a more generalized inquiry about how procs have a chance to activate. I’ve noticed that 0 cooldown devotions for example are super strong because they have a chance to activate off every tick on every target, so in a multi-target scenario you can essentially get a 100% proc rate.

  1. You presume correctly:p And it’s not that underused. Cold/Frostburn Spellbreakers use it now

2)DoT from same source only refreshes with highest DoT remaining

Static strike. You will notice that only targeted mob will be affected by knockdown. I don’t think static strike apples to explosive strike

Thanks, another question - since Overload is a proc and not flat damage per se, does it scale with weapon damage attacks (so if it’s 50% it will only do 50% damage)? Or is it always what it says in the tooltip?

This is how it works. Like all other flat damage sources in the game (making them useless to casters, yay).