Question on treasure trove and the hunt

(The questions are highlighted below)

My story is, I got only a character on Ultimate which need a lot of configure and the guy haven’t change her relic since level 36’s Arbiter, currently she is at lvl 100 and miraculously cleared both the game and AoM but it’s obvious she cannot handle extra bosses.

So I want to farm for better relic’s blueprints and it’s compound thus treasure trove is my choice (since Nemeses took too much time).

My sweet spot is this route since it’s close to a portal, few notable monsters and pretty short.

After 30 dynamites blown and 30 times I restart that map, I got most of the end-game component’s blueprints I missed before (Seals stuff), few Legendary/Epic/Rare/Magical item’s blueprints.

I’ve noticed all of them were of all high level. What I want is mere lvl 50 relic Zeal’s blueprint - which, of course, not there.

The question is

  1. Do the area level affect the level of blueprints dropped by treasure troves?
  2. Can a maxed character farm for level 50’s blueprint?,What is your suggestion for me if I want to get the said level 50’s blueprint.

Edit : I went down there on Veteran with a lvl 64 character and I got lvl 24 Magical glove’s blueprint

  1. Yes, but I’m not sure exactly what the limits are.
  2. Yes. Go to the Steelcap District in the expansion. There is a merchant there that sells level 50 blueprints, including Zeal.

Treasure troves hunt is a waste of time now, except you want bonespike and ikrix scale.

@Pickle - Normally I only seen lvl 35 blueprint but this time, after all time I finally got Zeal’s blueprint. Thanks!

@Holystar88 - I’m very new to the forum and I have no idea on that. May I hear your suggestion on blueprints hunting?

Doing Fabius/Zantarin nemesis runs yield the best blue print drop in main content.
Crucible can give you a lots blue prints, use a DK with Krieg set (its easy to farm, even normal or elite can drop its pieces) like eating cakes. You can check for it in class and build section.