[Question] Passive character bonuses in ability modifiers?

I have a default weapon attack skill I am creating (template: skill_weaponpool_basic.tpl), and I want one of its modifiers to increase character attack speed.

I know that the modifier “Storm Touched” from savagery does exactly what I’m trying to do, but I can’t seem to reverse engineer it for my own modifier.

My skill will say in the tooltip “+10% Attack Speed” and such, but that effect does not seem to be applied. In fact, it doesn’t seem like any of the “character” fields work in a modifier for my default weapon attack skill.

I must be missing something, can anyone help?

Of course I randomly gain new understanding as soon as I post a question. Answering it here just in case anyone else runs into a similar problem.

Savagery can get away with having passive bonuses because it’s a charged skill, which applies a buff as you gain charges. That’s why passive modifiers work on it, so I guess it makes sense that standard abilities can’t do this.

However, if anyone has any idea how to make non-charged abilities apply passive effects, I’m still very much interested!

Cadence can apply a buff (deadly momentum) on the third strike

You can also gain a buff on low HP(menhir’s will or the arcanist skill) or a buff from taking damage (blast shield or fighting spirit)

Ah, thanks for the interesting skills. I’ll have to look into how they work, might be exactly what I’m looking for.

Skills like that are great for making retaliation builds wink wink :rolleyes: