[QUESTION] Ranged hit, delay and effect


So I’ve been wondering if it were possible to make some kind of ranged attack with the current tools that would act like an Explosive arrow (Path of Exile/Dragon’s Dogma), but before I start to (maybe) work on such a skill I’d like to know if we already have something that allows this to happen. I’m asking because I don’t remember we actually got something like that, but I’d like to hear from someone who knows enough from the modding tools to answer. If no one can I’ll go swim in the templates and try to find one that work, but as to not waste time searching for something that may already be known by one or multiple people, I’m asking here.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

If what you are looking for is a ranged attack which detonates after a duration, no I don’t think a template like that already exists.

If you want to create one, off the top of my head, what you can do is set an auto cast on hit, to summon an invisible creature with a spawn timer equal to the ‘fuse’ time you want, then just have that creature cast a skill just before it dies. (on death casts are iffy…)

Wouldn’t it be better to use a “cast on hit”, then use a skill that deals damage after a delay? But if you’re talking about using an invisible creature then that probably means there’s no template for a delayed damage skill either.

If you find the template that deals damage after a delay be my guest…

now that I think about it though… the spawning a creature thing might not work, depending on where the creature is spawned… hmm

I thought about it a bit today and I’m thinking that spawning an invisible explosive/grenade on hit could somewhat work. Then again I don’t think there’s any that stick or stay close to the enemy, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

Well since it’s already invisible, it doesn’t have to even be a grenade or anything. Not like anyone would know it was a grenade. Just use a monster and fumble with it’s AI settings so it will attack the nearest enemy. Then, if it spawns on contact with an enemy, it will spawn there, and immediately fight that enemy. Or, it should.

You can also make the creature really small, to ensure it will be as close as possible, I mean making a creature smaller should affect it’s range if it was melee, right?