Question regarding skill modifiers from items

Hello. Long time forum lurker/grim dawn player, first time poster. :stuck_out_tongue: Question about skill modifiers from items such as The Desolater, which grants bonuses to Bursting Round and Flashbang. Earlier today I finally managed to craft The Desolater and equipped it, but Bursting Round appeared to have no changes in the info when I mouse over the skill’s descriptions. In other words, the extra 40% weapon damage and +1 meter radius do not show up on the tooltip to Bursting Round when I mouse over the skill.

Am I missing something or is this item bugged? Thank you.

Edit: spelling.

The tooltips don’t get updated but the effects are certainly there.

The tooltip simply doesn’t get updated from skill modifiers. To test stuff like a damage increase you need to do it on the test dummies you find in all towns.

No bug, they don’t display that information in the skill tooltip.

It’s a shame, because when you check out Grim Tools, that info is displayed there, which is very helpful.

Ah, this is why I had thought that the changes would show in the skill tooltip – because I had seen it appear like that in GT.

Thank you for the fast responses. :slight_smile: