Question : Skill cooldown and items

Hey all! Quick question - My understanding is that items like “Eternity” relic that give skill cooldown reductions effect devotion and skill cooldowns, but not item-given skill cooldowns, is that right?

If I had hourglass devotion, it could affect Overguard, but would not affect relic Menhir’s Bastion’s skill, is that right?

It reduces active skills and since Menhir’s Bastion is an active skill, it will be reduced by Aeon. Passive skill procs from items ( such as Prismatic Barrier from Runic Bracers and circuit-breakers like Serenity/ Mark of Divinity) don’t get reduced by Aeon and every other type of skill that reduces cooldowns.

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:O, So if it’s an active skill, even if it’s from an item, it can be affected by cooldown bonuses and cooldown reducing procs (like Aeon) ?


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Thank you Retal_Abuser! <3

That’s very weird, I always assumed that it didn’t, given that the tooltip doesn’t reflect the CDR. Testing with the Pyran granted skill, Eternity does give cooldown resets. However, global CDR doesn’t appear to affect it, I tested with 33% CDR and measured 1s again.
I summon my expert @Evil_Baka to confirm this information :thinking:

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Global cdr never affects items granted by skills afaik

then why aren’t runes affected by CDR procs, or am i just “blind”/not paying attention/unable to notice 1sec reductions on already low cd runes?

Maybe lack of luck ? since the runes “attack” a little after being placed so if they proc the CDR reset near the end of their CD, it kinda wastes the proc

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my bad Monc, meant movement runes, as with runes of fallen kings and amatokk 2.5 sec cd
^i’m not noticing reduct on those “granted skills” from cdr proc, but maybe it’s just so tight timing reduct/much spam? combined with my lack of attention for detail that i just don’t catch it?
should probably also clarify that i’m using Belgo relic, which is a 1sec reduct on crit with 4sec internal CD - which might just all combine in such fashion that the cdr becomes “imperceptible” to an unkeen eye :thinking:
(also to note that i can tell i’m critting because i have Soldier bound to Ring of Steel, and shadows pop up, but no rune cdr with umpteen shadow soldiers around)

Item-granted skills are indeed not effected by % CDR.

DaShiv put a chart together way back in vanilla for what kind of CDR effects what that I used to refer back to and supposedly looking at it, -x second resets should effect any item-granted skill that can be bound to the skill bar.

If that isn’t right, I have no other explanation. I haven’t played with CDR resets like Time Dilation or Carnage/Eternity all that often nor recently, would have to test if it applies to movement augments :man_shrugging:.

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I confirm it works with movement runes. The cooldown animation on the skill icon doesn’t display until the movement animation ends, but by watching where the cooldown animation starts after the movement, you can see if a cooldown reset affects the skill.


you mean the black shadow “clock” swipe right? yea that’s what i’ve been watching, a lot :no_mouth:, guessing by you replying so fast/seeing it so quickly it’s fairly noticeable and i’m just not “focusing” enough :thinking: :confounded: - i really gotta get my obs working so i can rewind things and watch better, would probably also have saved me so much trouble with blade spirits :weary:

Alright so I’ve done a bit of testing as well using Bysmiel’s Trinket’s amulet heal/buff and an Eternity relic.

Confirmed: Global Cooldown (% cooldown reduction) has no effect on it, but, the eternity relic proc DOES reduce the cooldown from it, so Aeon/Time Dilation should also affect this.

But, global cooldown and Eternity SHOULD affect Time Dilation, so a combination of these could make for some very interesting builds. Tbh my mind instantly goes to healers - Augur gloves, Bysmiel’s Trinket heal, Healing Rain, Touch of Purity etc. :smiley: