[QUESTION] Spawn rate


Last week I downloaded Cataclysm and I’d like to remove the new spawn rate (mob density *2) and revert back to the vanilla rate. I understand that I should go into the proxies folder, right? The thing is after that, I don’t know what to do; I just hope I could delete some files to get the vanilla rate without removing other stuff, like mob automatic level scaling.

Is it possible? How? :slight_smile:

looks like there is part of grimmest in the mod maybe?

download source from nexus
get rid of the folders from the database folder:

  • records/proxies
  • records/creatures/enemies
  • records/creatures/anomalies

build it

you might want to compare game/gameengine.dbr to vanilla as well, but there is lots in there, including camera. you want vanilla values for spawnMin Max type variables.

Thank you! I’ll look into that. (and sorry for the bad section)

Well… I give up… Two hours I spent trying to understand what folder is actually the working one, where files go when built… I’m not even sure the file in Cataclysm can be edited by the asset manager. There’s no real source, but a records folder. I tried to copy that into a new mods, removed the files you mentioned, but the output seems the same thing. Anyway… If someone has some time to waste and want to take a look at the Cataclysm mod, that would be great!

First and foremost, you have to download and work with source, not the mod itself. Extract it to your working directory, delete file database\records\proxies\proxypoolequation_01.dbr, build. Done, you have vanilla spawn rate.

Ok I thought the “Records” folder was actually the source… Thanks a lot, I’m gonna do that! (and also try to remove Stasher from there)

EDIT: Done! (To remove stasher, just remove “ui/caravan” files and folder.)

I hope you do realize that you have to re-apply your changes each time a new version is released? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… It took 4:30 minutes to build the mod, so if you upload the source for new versions somewhere, it wouldn’t be so hard :slight_smile: (please reference it, I’m sure more people would be glad to have it)

I’m actually uploading the source files for every version, if you didn’t notice :slight_smile: But only on Nexus, check under “miscellaneous” files.