Question: What Enemy Skills Would you like for yourself?

When our job is to fight against the beautiful variety cough * but reskinned * enemies of Cairn, we get to see the different abilities and skills each enemy and monster possess. That feeling of envy and jealousy sometimes gets into our head when we see such colorful spells not becoming part of our arsenal., we wished that Zantai would give us hold of such powers into our very hands. Have you experience this?

What are some of the enemy abilities you would like for yourself?

My personal choice is the elemental aoe nova from the new enemies from the new dungeon. Looks pretty and fun. Would love to have that skill to replace elemental storm. Constellation skills like this onee sometimes dont feel like coming from the gods, its a shame some monsters have better looking skills than MC, but that is life… :sweat_smile:

Kaisan’s acid crystals. Looks dope and will be cool to see them used in some acid AoE builds.

But there is another thing. If your spells/procs are similar to the ones by mobs it might be difficult to spot potential danger. Like if you used Fissure proc you might get busted by some bosses.

You already have it - the Eldritch shard that comes with the Sentinel of the Three.

Personally, I want Cronley’s immunity shield that lasts 10-15 sec! :smiling_imp:

Kymon’s chestplosion. Annie’s RR shred.

Korvaak’s levitating bullshit.

Annie’s RR is prob best in the game… So yeah, with other sources make even 100+ res boss negative 50.

High Priest of the Lightning Bullshit - The Lightning Shower
SR’ed Gabal’Thun/Gargabol - The Summoning Of 1000 Maggots
Mad Queen - The Retal Bolts

Ramzul hasn’t been nerfed or buffed, isn’t he? his devastating da shred is just out of cairn planet.

if i can get enemy skills for my chars, it will be ARCANE BALLS OF NULLIFICATION.

Imagine fighting MQ with that :rofl:

Ramzul next to the Maggots is one of the main reasons for SR climb halts for me. If you have him aggroed deep enough it often happens you can’t survive 0.1s after crossing the rift. Can’t ever rush to the bottom to aggro them there and restart with camera abuse.



Not exactly a skill as such, more like animation of it.
But I’d really LOVE if phantasmal blades used generic attack animation, when casted with ranged weapon, as is the case with those pesky crossbow wielding arkovian nobles.

Aesthetics-wise, I really like the purple Apocalypse/slow Meteors that Korvaak, Galfang and some enemies in the new roguelike have.

Stat-wise, is it even a contest


Not classic. Classic GD is man up and pull everything at once.

and when you compare our celestial powers with those of the enemy faction, its no contest either. Aesthetic wise, our enemies have much better skills than what our gods can lend to us, which sometimes makes us wonder why we are not working for the bad guys