Question: What is going on with my weapon damage? Dual-Wielding

Hi guys! I was playing this build with 10% life steal, thinking that it should be fine, because weapon damage on GrimTools was around 20k, and with buffs up attack speed isn’t too bad. However, healing was a serious issue. (Side note: I noticed that bleed damage is not listed in weapon damage, which is the primary damage type for this build. This is NOT the issue)

This build is using the Slaughter Relic to enable dual-wielding.

When I have both weapons equipped, my ‘minimum’ damage seriously drops, meaning that my 10% lifesteal becomes as low as 200hp per hit vs the intended minimum 750hp per hit.

Why on earth does my weapon damage drop to 1999-8551 when I equip both weapons, but when I change it to JUST the right hand or JUST the left hand weapon, the minimum damage boosts to 7275 or 5964??

Is this a bug or a feature? Either way, it’s something I don’t understand. Is there a minimum damage penalty for dual wielding? Is it to do with the Slaughter Relic or the fact that I haven’t chosen Nightblade as my means to dual-wield?

Is anybody able to explain to me what’s going on here? Here is the grimtools if you’d like to take a look:


  • Your second pic - the shield and the third - the sword are all wrong. And first one is the cherry on top, it looks OK but damage is very wrong. You can try verifying your files. There’s no damage penalty for dual wielding btw.

  • About leeching, bleeding damage can’t life steal, cause it’s DoT damage and that’s the downside of it. Usually bleeding builds needs massive life steal, cause their direct flat damage like physical or vitality is lower than the average melee build.

I can’t understand what’s going on with the weapon damage on your screenshots, but when evaluating your character’s real leech capabilities, you also have to factor in enemies’ life leech resistance, which is usually pretty high in Ultimate difficulty even for standard enemies.

Example: Nemesis bosses.

You have 10% life steal.

Nemesis bosses have got 85% life leech resistance. It means that with a 10k weapon hit, you only leech 150 health against any of them.

Can you provide some SS’s without relic, with only Ravager’s Bite and only Cryptstalker to see how much is the BA and Weapon Damage with them.

As requested, here’s the upload with:
-No relic
-Each individual weapon
-Basic auto attack damage breakdown

The combined minimum damage is still low, but should still be more than 1999.

The minimum damage of either weapon without dot damages is higher than 1999.

But, here we get: image

@Nery, @djnat - Thank you for the insights! Yes, I understand that dot damage does not contribute to lifesteal, and that enemies can have life leech resistance. The thing I’m confused about is my weaponn damage ultimately!

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Cryptstalker creates the problem but why? If you have an alternave for off-hand using that will probably provide much better weapon damage. I’m gonna check again when I’m in front of the computer. Grimtools doesn’t work well on mobile. But at the end BA damage uses only main-hand so your dw weapon damage has nothing to do with it, it uses only bonusses.

Yeah, interesting. I have been toying with the Kala’kis shield for BA.

Originally I wanted Cryptstalker for the extra Bleed RR aura.

But even then, getting the build right isn’t so much the point as, there seems to be something weird going on with weapon damage. :stuck_out_tongue: