Questions about augments and resistances

Hey guys,

so as some of you who have read my other posts know I have a number of different characters all from varying levels of knowledge about game mechanics and varying in game levels. I finished normal (with so many characters I just wanted to get the game finished) with my commando last night and realised his resistances are atrocious. I am running a rifle/two handed weapon build at the moment and switching as the mood takes me or the situation demands. At the moment I am running with a blue weapon called Shar’zuls furnace which is quite excellent for my build.

So at level 52 without access to any really good legendaries for my build and with my resistances being awful with a view to finishing anasteria’s quest line, as I read there is a guaranteed random legendary for completing it, at what point should you sacrifice damage for resistances?

My build is starting to gear up for farming the sharpshooter set in elite so focusing on a lot of pierce and bleed with a smaller focus on fire. I picked up the sharpshooter jacket already and I really like all the set bonuses on it and the potential for extreme damage. So should I be putting resistances on my weapon and armour and such? Or should I be putting damage output on these items?

Not sure if I should post my build? Would that give you a better idea of how to help me? Also this commando is not following a template build from someone else it is really just trial and error and things I think are cool and want to experiment with.

Oh and also for those of you with more than one or two characters, how exactly do you deal with such a small amount of shared stash space? I mean I used some of the characters I’m not actively playing as mules but I am still chock a block with the stash space allotted.

don’t sacrifice resistances for damage because getting 80% resistances makes you 5x tankier and getting 80% damage probably adds anywhere from 4% to 10% more to your damage.

also can’t dps when dead

Ok so I realised how stupid that last question was, here is the build on grimcalc;

If there is a better program for this please let me know. Also this build is gearing up with the thought that I can find all the pieces of the sharpshooter set.

My gear is as follows;

Shar’Zuls furnace/brimstone repeater: devil touched ammo
glory of the silver knight
warmaster’s pride
obsidian plate cuirass
brimstone shoulderguard
Runic bracer’s
bloodbathed links
conflag relic

Seriously considering switching out the conflag for juggernaut. If I were going to be more flame based I just picked up a legendary blue print for a demolitionist so that might be an option later in the build. Also up until I hit fifty I had the full brimstone set and it was a lot of fun to play with, the shoulders are still there so I can switch helmets depending on situation or weapon I want to use. I also haven’t used any components except on the gun and I am yet to use any augments.

The devotion tree I have been playing around with and want it to look something like this when I get this build to the max level;

sailor’s guide
tree of life

Looking to make him quite “tanky” as it were so sacrificing some potential for damage for survivability.

Help as always is appreciated.

You can use Grimtools : it allows to import your char save file in the tools with the “Load character from save file” function

Concerning devotion route, you may want to consider resist reduction skills and constellations, it will increase significantly your damage output (if physical or pierce it would be Assassin’s Blade and Manticore for example)

Concerning resists, they are not an important issue in normal/veteran while good resists (around 50%) become mandatory in Elite and maxed resists will be strongly recommended in Ultimate

In order to improve them, you can use the components like Antivenom Salve, Molten Skin, Dense Fur or Rigid Shell and some faction augments if you have access to them

A general rule is max out resistances first, then think about damage.

Also about your skills

  • Max Field command, not Squad tactics. OA + DA > a bit of damage
  • You don’t need Veterancy, put points in Menhir’s Will and Scars of Battle
  • You don’t want to get hit, reduce Fighting Spirit, add to Menhir’s Will and Military Conditioning

You’re always going to be getting hit regardless of what you do. There’s nothing wrong with on-hit effects.

There’s a difference between getting hit by chance and getting hit on purpose. Besides, with Field Command + Flame Touched, you don’t need that extra OA for just 50% of the time.

"- Max Field command, not Squad tactics. OA + DA > a bit of damage

  • You don’t need Veterancy, put points in Menhir’s Will and Scars of Battle
  • You don’t want to get hit, reduce Fighting Spirit, add to Menhir’s Will and Military Conditioning"

I maxed squad tactics because I was trying to get my attack speed as fast as possible but that may not be as important as the OA + DA

Why do I not need veterancy? Also menhir’s will requires a shield or two handed weapon. Oh I see for when I am using the furnace as my weapon. I tend to do weapon switches as sometimes I run into bosses who have life leech at close range or particularly nasty close range AoE.

The OA on fighting spirit is just a bonus, it is the massive damage boost when it activates that I was looking at. Why is will and conditioning superior to fighting spirit?

I get hit all the time. Not on purpose but bosses and mobs often have abilities that are incredibly hard to dodge, or the screen is super hectic like what happens in the bastion of chaos. I can’t imagine going through the game not getting hit constantly, especially if I am in close combat with the furnace.

Veterancy is more of a 1 point wonder if you need to reduce physique requirement of armour. Aside from that there’s not really much point boosting it just for the HP regen or constitution.

Military conditioning is one of the best skills in the game IMO, it boosts physique and health. So you get a lot more health and more DA. Every Soldier should max it

Menhir’s Will (the passive, not Menhir’s Bulwark) is much better if you need more survivability. More points = more heal and regen, and crucially less cooldown.

Fighting Spirit is good at least as a 1 point wonder, but it has a long cooldown (16 seconds, only lasts for 8) so you’re not going to have the buff even half the time.

EDIT: you’re right actually, you can’t use Menhir’s Will w/o 2 hander or shield. I had a point in it all this time on my Crossbow Blademaster and never realized the skill doesn’t work. I was even planning to boost it for end half of Ultimate for an extra line of defence. That’s a shame.