Questions about what GD is capable of

Would it be possible to have, say, an item/skill that checks how many skills you currently have on cooldown for however long and grant a buff/does damage to a targeted enemy/etc. based on what it finds? Like, say, if you had 5 skills on CD and you use this skill, it does 2.5x normal damage or something like that?

I’m assuming this is pertaining to modded skills and such? Or perhaps for future expansions? If so…answer is no, I don’t think so. I’m not sure there’s a way to modify how skills work beyond what you see in vanilla, aside from modified values and fx for aesthetics.

I wish there were though, it would be cool to have skills scale on other stats, like %mana/%HP, or deal X% more damage if your target is under effects of Y (dot/cc/etc) among other things.

If it were possible, it would be through lua, but last I asked elfe mooonths ago he told me there was no way to modify skill values through lua. If there were some way, it would probably be insanely convoluted and require workarounds up the wazoo

On the topic of ‘can the engine handle skill concepts like this’, I’ve always wondered if you could use the charge mechanic on skills like Savagery for buffing stats to differing amounts instead of scaling damage. For example, would an ability like this be possible:

x Energy Cost
5 Charge Levels: 75%, 90%, 100%, 108%, 115%
5 Second Skill Recharge
30 Second Duration
+y% Armour
+z Defensive Ability

^ that can be done, but I’m not sure if it will scale up the armor/da per charge level though as savagery does with dmg. That’s something that you’d have to test with a mod.

Darn. Was brainstorming new skill ideas and kind of shamelessly pinching concepts from Guild Wars. Oh well. (My next question was going to be if it were possible to have an item/skill work differently when a targeted enemy is under the effect of some kind of status ailment like a DoT or CC or whatever, think the Sever Artery/Gash combo from GW)