Questions from a Beginner @ GrimDawn

sry im new here, and after completing the game 3 times i wanted to make a campaign too. I have 3 particular questions right now, but maybe there will be more :P.

  1. How Big is 128x128 ? or how big is Devils Crossing (border are the 2 bridges)?
    I always make a drawn map and notes before start modding into the blue. I already made alot of maps in WC3 or AgeofEmpires with triggers and so on, but this is the first time for an ARPG. so a little help would be nice.
  2. If i make new items and relics and so on, can i use my already made chars? Do they have the normal items? Can normal Items drop in my mod? And can i play the normal campaign with modded items? or is the inventory always empty at start?
  3. Does Normal and Hardcore calculate the Difficulty on their own or can i say how hard those are in my mod?

I searched the first question but couldnt find an answer, so i thought i can put the other 2 here as well even if they are answered already :stuck_out_tongue: maybe someone knows anyway.

As said im new to Editors for RPG’s so please no hate and have a good time.

  1. 128x128 is big enough. I guess that Devils Crossing is smaller.
  2. Yes they will have all normal items. And all items will be able to drop, including your new made ones, if you add them to the loot tables .dbr. You will be able to play normal campaign if you copy your character in it. Some of the modded items will transfer, some will not.
  3. You are able to adjust some of the game difficulty settings. And levels of the monsters are usually adjusted in the spawning proxy .dbr

Devil’s crossing is pretty much exactly as large as that size :wink:

In general they only used quaders of that size to improve loading speed of the game. Also if you check the gameengine record you’ll notice that the distance which the game loads is exactly 250 which is pretty much 2 levels in every direction big (a small bit less but about that amount).