Questions on celestial smiths craft mechanic

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I have a guide on GD blacksmiths crafting capabilities in our community forum. I try to keep it up to date and provide clear description of the unique service(s) for each smith. However with the DLC AoM released I got totally confused on how celestial smiths work.

Could you please take a look at the questions below and provide some clarifications on this?

  1. I used to believe that celestial smiths can’t craft (mythical) legendary items in the following cases:
  • It is MI item like Decree of Aldritch.
  • The item have a blueprint (for example helms).

However Belle Fald was able to craft high level and mythical items having blueprints, see this screenshot. Are there any limitations (except character level) to craft random legendary item or we can craft any?

  1. In AoM celestial smiths can’t craft regular items like other blacksmiths. I looked at the “Crafting” topic in official Game Guide, but no information on such limitation were found so far. Is it intended behavior or a bug? Taking into account that Etram Fald was able to craft any relics and items from blueprints in vanilla game it looks like a regression issue to me.

P.S: Thanks for the greate game and your efforts in helping the community and further improving/developing GD.

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  1. They removed it for some reason. I’m guessing their reasoning was “nobody is using the other blacksmiths”
    Well guess what? Those other smiths are still useless, I basically pick whichever smith I am closest to.

Another reasoning probably was that with around 10 OA/DA on each piece builds could easily net 100-200 OA when one takes into account how much %OA, %DA a build has
I am not sure if it was broken enough that they needed to remove it

Chthon, it is a nice guess! But I wonder if it is the real reason.

P.S. I use other blacksmiths as well - to get required + x% for resistence or to use the unique service.

Etram Fald is used for the “gambling” recipes. By removing the other recipes people won’t stumble into him and go “what is this guy doing here? some random crafter”, no instead they’ll see specifically RANDOM LEGENDARY crafts and say “wait, this is neat.”.

In addition, it makes what you want to craft much easier since you won’t have to worry about scrolling through 9000 other recipes.

any idea how they did that ? would love to have a custom crafter that does not have all the recipies the other smiths have, so it is very clear what he offers and reduces the scrolling

On the blacksmith dbr there is a boolean that allows you to restrictglobal recipes, it’s on the same ‘tab’ as the other crafting info (where the recipes and crafting bonuses go and such)

You cannot have these blacksmiths learn recipes though, they are stuck with whatever you give them.

No offense but that reasoning doesn’t make much sense

Missing out on who the smith is and what he/she is doing is a loss on the player’s part for not paying attention or for lacking knowledge. People who have the knowledge of who he is shouldn’t be penalized.
His gambling bonuses generally are meant for more dedicated farmers what good would he possibly do for someone who has no idea what he/she does?
You need insane amount of time investment to farm materials for this guy something usually ultimate only players do. These players are aware of most of the game’s hidden stuff so they’re more than likely to be aware what he/she does

Scrolling down through 9000 other recipes is the fault of Blacksmith’s clunky UI, if they don’t want to or simply can’t fix it I am fine with it but that again is no reason to not allow us to craft non-random items from these two smiths

This is especially painful when someone wants to craft some base game item which could once get OA/DA bonuses but now can’t because Etram can’t craft it

Again, this change is unnecessary. It is well known that not everyone goes beyond Normal difficulty. So why punish dedicated players by removing something this important?

perfect, exactly what I am looking for, will check that out

EDIT: ah, that was added with the expansion, that is why I had not seen it before :wink:

Just post the answer on the first question from this and that comments from Zantai made in another thread.

The celestial smiths can’t craft legendary helms and items not from general pool, i.e. MI like Decree of Aldritch or Stormheart.

I got your point, but can’t agree this to be strong argument (or did I miss something?). The mentioned approach seems to be applicable to other smiths like Horrus, Gaius Ember or Kaylon to make their roles clear and easy to access unique services as well. From my point of view getting UI window with smith unique service(s) (except Duncan and Angrim) is simple as dead (but could confuse new players not familiar with crafting system):

  • Go to “Accessories and Consumables” tab
  • Collapse all categories except “Materials”
  • Choose required service

As for scrolling down through 9000 other recipes to craft a certain item - it is common issue affecting all “standard” smiths.

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