Questions on "life resistance reduction" and stacking

I was thinking it is countered by vitality resistance like TQ but recently found out that it is an independent damage type… Some questions below:

  1. “% Reduction to Enemy’s Health” can only be countered by “life resistance reduction” and nothing else. The latter one is just the resistance name of the damage type. correct?

  2. I cannot find any trace of “life resistance reduction” in char panel. Is there any way to tell my current “life resistance reduction” is? (It is THAT important in fighting super boss/celestial and there is no way to show it explicitly… seriously? >.<)

  3. The only two skills I can find with this type of resistance are Soldier’s Menhir’s bulwark and Oathkeeper’s Rebuke. Is there any other skill/item?

  4. Is it stacking additively? like menhir’s bulwark 33% + rebuke 25% = 58%? The new “Shattered Realm Armor” set also has 25%; If I have all these, will it result to 83%? (does it have resistance cap?)

  5. Can this type of resistance be reduced by skill that would “xx Reduced target’s Resistances for x Seconds”?

Thanks a lot!!

  1. Yes. Some people think it is countered by vitality resistance, but no matter how many times I try, if my vitality is 80% or -25%, it always does the same damage.
  2. You have to count it yourself, unfortunately.
  3. Some devotions have it too.
  4. It should work as any other resistance, so additive. Cap 80.
  5. As far as I know, it can be, but only if it’s “reduced all resistances” or “-X% life resistance”.

No problem. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply! I did a quick search on devotions but seems not find anything related, only “life leech resistance” but it should be different dmg type right… help on this? thanks again! :slight_smile:
Edit: find one on Spring Maiden although it’s for pet…

Oh, I must’ve confused life leech and HP damage resist from devotions. :rolleyes: