Questions on Skeletons

What type of damage does Necromancer’s Skeletons do??? the Skele mages seems to drop Meteors which is fire and i think Skele archers doing Pierce damage… if that so is there any way to convert all/most of those damage to a different type (Vitality/Chaos)

All Skeletons do Physical + Vitality damage as a base. Whenever I say they do “base damage”, I’m referring to this part. Some other damage types come in from different attacks:

  • The basic Warriors don’t change.

  • The Archers have a special arrow they occasionally fire that can pierce enemies doing Pierce + Vitality damage alongside a portion of their base damage.

  • The Mages Meteors and projectile nova do a portion of their base damage and a large amount of Fire/Burn damage alongside it.

  • The Revenants have an AoE aura that does Vitality damage. Their missiles do a portion of their base damage and Vitality damage.

Check grimtools. Look for any desired conversion underneath the “Bonus to all Pets” banner, player conversion on equipment except skill modifiers does not effect your pets.

To see stats of various skeletons you need to do this:

  1. Go to
  2. Pick a Necromancer mastery.
  3. Put some points in Raise Skeletons.
  4. Enable “show all pet attributes” obraz
  5. Place your mouse pointer over Raise Skeletons - skill’s tooltip will appear.
  6. Keep pressing Tab to cycle through skeleton types on tooltip.

thank you.

didn’t knew GT had that feature :smiley: thanks