Questions RE: Panetti's Replicating Missle (PRM)

The questions…

  • Mage Hunter vs Spellbinder vs Spell Breaker. I’m looking for ranking of the classes in terms of damage, defense, and in relation to each other. A scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest would be fine.
  • Can one level with PRM all the way to 100 or does PRM require specialized equipment to make it viable.
  • Is there a beginner build with leveling info. for PRM?
  • Is there an end game set for PRM?
  • What is PRM’s biggest weakness?
  • Is PRM a skill that kills very slowly?

Thanks in advance.

  1. MHunter with lightning/fire+lightning PRM has very slight dmg edge over aether Binder, the latter is sturdier because Binder.
    Breaker doesn’t really work because PRM itemization isn’t very friendly to cold, it’s hard to overcome Breaker glassiness with PRM, and in my experience the leg. off-hand modifier, being as good on paper, seemingly messes smth up, as it happens with cold AAR too.

  2. Not sure leveling from 1 to 100 would be pleasant because it’s a spam skill without leech unless you have special equipment. Luckily CT is a decent leveling skill

  3. There is, Invoker’s Will
    Look for items in here, vital tool for theorycrafting

  4. No inherent leech and low dmg potential against single targets with small models (humans)

  5. Kills a pack very fast due to splitting and pass through, single target dmg is limited


Thanks for your reply. When you reference PRM as a spam skill without leech, were you referring to energy leech, life leech, or both?

Life leech.

I disagree with him about it being an issue during levelling though because PRM monster infrequent chest piece, Ascended Vestment, has vitality damage converted to elemental, so you can pretty much pick up Bat and be fine until much later in the game. Especially since it’s stupid easy to stack Inquisitor Seal high on that build, which reduces requirements to sustain a big deal.


I tried lvlup with PRM, sadly PRM without mod/strong gears is pretty weak, it takes too long to kill a high resistance mob/boss.

If one were going down the path of Mage Hunter then Word of Renewal would be available for on-demand healing. Also, are there end game items, set bonuses, gear enchantments, and/or other devotions to provide greater amounts and/or more numerous sources life leech?

In what part of the leveling experience does resistent mobs become a problem?..

  • level 50 and below in normal diff
  • level 50 - 70 in elite
  • level 70+ in elite/ultimate

Also, would the following be solutions to high enemy resists:

  • Mage Hunter - Aura of Censure
  • Shaman - Wind Devil with Raging Tempest modifier

Yes, Word of Renewal as well, although I see it as means to quickly get back on your toe after eating burst damage. For small scratches Bat would be enough. Spellbinder’s aether PRM also has similar means of sustain via Bat because Arcanist’s MI belt converts vitality to aether.

Mythical Spellgaze is a core endgame item for PRM that mostly solves sustain issues for PRM hunter.

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Many thanks to you guys for your insights.

What are your (full audience) thoughts in regard to PRM Mage Hunter vs Druid vs Sorcerer? Druid would obviously lean more on lightning. Sorcerer would lean more on fire. I suspect Sorcerer would be the least sturdy of the pack since it lacks a straight up heal like Mage Hunter or heal via totem like Druid. However, Demo has Vindictive Flame with Ulzuin’s Wrath modifier for 15% ADCtH as well as other goodies.

Til you reach 75 to get Invoker set or Slashsar medal (for Binder), otherwise you dmg is a mess and you cant facetank strong mobs (better use Runes/CT/PS…). Sorcerer is very sturdy and strong(the most OP meta build is a lightning Sor along with retal WBlade), Druid has more hp but quite glassier among these 3. MH is much more balance.

Wow I figured Druid would be pretty sturdy.

Which lightning sorcerer build are you referring to? I would like to see this in action.

I guess mine

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Thanks @mad_lee.

I recommend to refrain of referring to “lightning” as “OP” in any way :smile: This dmg type is currently very weak, quite possibly it’s all around the weakest, and only works for very few builds that consist of overkill synergetic items with overkill mods.


In terms of pure damage, PRM fire + lightning sorcerer outweighs Mage Hunter, but the latter is a bit tankier thanks to Inqui Seal, Censure and WoR.

They are both good overall, it’s a matter of choice about what gameplay you prefer.

What’s the fastest run with PRM Sorc? I must have missed it.

I am an average pilot and usually runs are around the 5 minutes mark, going down and up depending on mutators.

I was not talking about crucible speed btw, but about the pure PRM damage numbers. Crucible requires more balanced defense / offense unless you want to go full nutella when glassifying the build, and Mage Hunter can facetank a lot more than Sorc thanks to seal and censure, while Sorc relies on better CDR thanks to Star Pact which allows better uptime of Blast Shield and MoE.

After gloves nerf, did you try to go for a dual elemental approach on mage hunter and take both RR devotions (Widow + Witchblade) and Seekers? The new invoker conversion seems to go that route, and I am pretty curious about crucible times with mage hunter with that setup.

Even if you make Sorc facetankable enough it still wouldn’t fit PRM build as good as MH, just because every AA/spam-spell/chanelling spell build always works better with passive RR aura. @sir_spanksalot has tested it on a Sorc and got some mad %damage numbers, much higher than on my MH and it was still slower. Another thing that MH does better is OA - Deadly Aim has the monster synergy with build’s already fat crit damage multiplier and it procs often due to high innate CDR of Invoker setup. So yeah, on paper Sorc shows much better numbers, in reality MH is faster (although not by much).

In Russian Discord couple of setups were tested, including bi-damaging one. And Lightning is still the best one. Lightning damage and devotions fit AA/spam-caster build perfectly since you have two tier-3 devotions, one of which doesn’t require an active skill to proc and another one procs pretty well on Inquisitor Seals which you can basically spam between waves with Panetti Wand.
Having an extra button just to proc Seekers means that your PRM’s damage output suffers. And Lightning has a perfect solution for that (well, it used to be perfect before huge nerfs to Lightning meta) in a form of Aether Corruption. It comes from a very good (stat-wise) component and itself deals pretty decent damage and doesn’t have to be cast too often. Plus Invoker even converts some of the Aether damage making Corruption’s proc even more potent.
Personally, I have tried pure min-maxed Fire setup with just Ulzuin and Seekers that had huge tooltip’s damage but it was still kind of meh compared to Lightning.


I fully agree on this concept, and that’s the reason why I prefer spellbinder rather than warlock when playing Aether AAR: spectral wrath is a passive RR debuff, while curse of frailty has to be manually applied.

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