Questions: Static Stirke

I don’t understand why push Static Strike to lvl22 is super scaled? - I can’t see why this skill is STRONG.

can anyone please explain to me…just got 2 stormheart and was thinking to try a different build now :stuck_out_tongue:


Static Strike and Brimstone give you retarded flat damage bonus, and that’s it.
You should try to put as many points into them as possible, getting 22/12 is great but not at all required. If you’re planning to make a Saboteur, then I’m sure he can still tear through Ultimate with a pair of Legion Firestarters, Ortus’s or Beronath Reforged’s. Stormheart is cool and can be considered BiS though.

alright - so is for the flat dmg…okay make sense now…
Demo pair with Shaman will boost dmg better then…storm-caller is too good

It is strong because is has good scaling even after 12 level. Most skills have pretty poor scaling past their “softcap” (usually that’s the level you are allowed to learn them to). But Static Strike and Brimstone are exception, and leveling them with item brings good damage increases.
Ask Crate, why they made those skills behave so.

:pcool thanks bro

Yeah you can have 120% or so crit damage bonus with an Elementalist (including Searing Strike), what he lacks is a Saboteur’s mobility and WPS. Still seems like a good combination :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO, it’s because the damages are flat. You can reach 12/12 brimestone at lvl 25 approx, so your dps will mainly rely on %fire and %chaos since the weapon dps is not that important (unless you maxed fire strike) and in end-game, your damage output will be waaaaay lower than a savagery user for example, because savagery rely on weapon damages as well.

So the amazing outscaling of static stike and brimestone is a way to compensate that, and make those spells competitives in end-game.
I think Crate is considering static stike and briestone as spells, not as attacks.

That’s just my opinion though, i may be wrong.
(I hope i’ve been clear enough, explaining it in english is quite harder than i thought :^) )

Please don’t forget that for level 21/12 to 22/12 of Static Strike you will get that sweet increase from 70% to 75% chance of + HUGE flat lightning damage. And compare that to the increase from 20/12 to 21/12, we only get a mere 2%, from 68% to 70%.
So yeah, the advantage of getting it to ultimate level 22/12 is obvious.