Quests - One time choices

Hi there,

I’ve been playing GD for 2 weeks now, so I’m still quite new to the game.

I understand there are some quests where you have to make a decision: kill or keep alive, ally or enemy, etc. What kind of impact they have on the game?

I also wanted to know how many quests like these there are and if there is any worth mentioning. I think I’ve read somewhere you could get an extra talent point from one, is that right?

I guess I could find out myself, but if anyone could give some advices I will truly appreciate it.



Look the best part of an ARPG is that you shouldn’t limit yourself to the good choices only

The ramifications of your actions can be found on the wikia (google it- Grim Dawn Wikia)

As for what i was saying earlier, on my first profile i only made one mistake (New Harbor) the rest was a cake, but then i kept making the same choices for the next 3-4 profiles and now on my Saboteur i’m making different choices. The point is to have the full game experience you need to explore all options

If you want you can visit the wikia, otherwise explore it yourself. Some choices do have major impacts on the game and others don’t. Also since it’s your first time i suggest if your not visiting the wikia then atleast do a 100% exploration that would help you with decisions

P.S Out of curiosity which Mastery did you choose, how far you in the game?

No choice is tied to character points, you can redo choices in next difficulty

Also this. Though remember this though, you can only side with one of them on one profile. Can’t have the best of both worlds. Remember this and it’ll help you after some point in the game

These quests do not have a major impact, but occasionally you might be looking for a specific item. In an MP session with a friend (first playthrough for him) I promised him, he will get a nice ring, but I let him handle the dialog. In the end I got a torch, which served me well for quite some time. :smiley:

A trivial point - don’t kill Isaiah in the beginning of act 2 if the choice is still open to you. He pops up as a very useful merchant in act 3. I usually buy my common mats from him at reasonable prices due to my favourable treatment of him. Also beats having to run up the stairs to buy stuff from the Homestead merchant plus you gain experience for letting Isaiah live & meeting him again in act 3.

Fwiw, if you read/listen to the dialogues, you get a pretty clear picture of what choice leads to what.
But I’m with the others: do whatever you want with your first character and then do the opposite with your next one. If a choice cuts one of your characters off from accessing some items, it will be accessible to other one. Ok, there are soulbound items, but other than that, you’ll be fine.

Thanks for your quick response guys. I’ll definitely give wikipedia a look.

Well, the first mastery I picked, with zero understanding of the game, was Soldier. I always go Warrior/Soldier first as they tend to be very tanky and deal sufficient damage to play through the story line. Obviously I messed up attribute and mastery points and felt my progress was quite slow.

Then I searched on forums and found the Tanky Retaliation build, which I kinda leveled up but got bored at some point. Finally I decided to try ranged characters and started a Demolitionist. But this time I felt too squishy.

Now I think I’ve found the perfect combination between the two. Shaman/Soldier. I’m using Primal Strike with ranged weapons, which deals good amount of damage and at the same I feel “tanky” enough. It fits perfectly my style of playing and reminds me of Lightning Arrow builds in Path of Exile, game which I’ve played for over 3 years now. My character is now around level 31 or so.

Just to make sure you are looking in the right place, you should check out the Grim Dawn Wiki, not generic wikipedia. You can find a link in the upper right of the front page of this forum.

hahahaha yeah, I meant GD wiki… just used to call everything “wikipedia” now


So there’s one choice that I’ve always wondered about - what happens if you try to extort Luther in act 1? I’ve never been able to bring myself to do it, lol.

He will praise you for being a better business man than he will ever be. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, he will not. :wink: