Quick clarification on reflective damage

Hey guys,

so I’ve been testing my skyfall build and I noticed something interesting that I need a clarification on. Say I am fighting a reflective hero and I have meteor shower bound to flash bang. Say I hit the reflective with the flashbang before he gets his aura up. A second later his aura goes up and my meteor shower procs and drops meteors on him. Will I take damage from the damage the meteors are doing? From my testing it doesn’t seem to be the case. Same question for thermite mines. Do I take damage from them hitting a reflective enemy or does the mine itself take the damage?

Reflect works on-hit only. However, if you hit with DoT damage (bleed, burn, etc), whole DoT will be reflected (duration bonuses included). Also, any “secondary effects” with separate “buff”, such as % resist reduction, damage reduction, skill disruption, etc. will be reflected as well.
If your pet/totam/mine/… hits reflecting mob, IT takes reflect, not you.

Any dmg that your character deals indirectly will not be reflected, because you have zero control over when procs or mines etc. deal dmg. Otherwise reflect mobs would kill you pretty much every time I guess. :wink:

Anything is reflected back to the source, indirect or not. The only reasons not all builds die instantly from reflects are:

  1. most builds overcap the resistance to their elements naturally
  2. not all reflects are returning 100% of effect
    But physical damage, especially relying on Internal Trauma, has the biggest problems with reflects, the random nature of procs doesn’t help it either.
    The only exception is pets, the damage gets returned to them because they are technically separate entities with their own stats. Not sure about devotion procs bound to pets though.
    But everything else scaling with player stats reflects back to the player.

I don’t know why Crate included such annoying reflect mechanics AND made it very abundant to the point reflect situation is worse than PoE. It’s like a race to the bottom.

reflect damage against physical-heavy builds is ridiculous in this game. not only is it not tweaked to take into account the fact players have between 0% and 20% physical resist compared to 80% for the rest of all the damages, Crate thought it would be a good idea to add randomly generated shields on mobs with 40% damage reflected.

what is even the point of the whole reflect damage spike aura around champions when any undead/ghost mob can reflect higher with no warning?