Quick Newbie Questions

I’m planning to get a DRM-free Grim Dawn from GOG, and I just had a couple of quick random questions before I dive in.

  1. Are the items that come in the Loyalist Upgrade DLC actually useful, or is it more for collectors and people who just wanna support Crate? Not that either reason is bad, just curious!

  2. Is there any disadvantage I should be aware of to getting this game from GOG as opposed to Steam?

  3. I recently found out GD has in-game achievements. Are they date and/or timestamped?

Thanks in advance!

  1. mostly for supporting Crate, there is no actual benefit you get from them

  2. if you want to play online, the two do not talk to each other, so you either play with GoG players or Steam players, not both - and Steam has 90% of players. If you play SP only, there is no difference

  3. date stamped, at least on Steam, not sure about GoG

Thanks for the quick response! I plan on playing single-player, so multiplayer options aren’t a concern.